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First Watt vs McIntosh vs Ampzilla
The M2 has been my only amp for the past 3 years, and paired with my Spendor 1/2s and AI Modulus 3B (or Quicksilver Pre), it is an astonishingly good sounding component. It does everything well, imo, and will reflect accurately what is upstream, w... 
Bybee Active Room Neutralizers
My thoughts are that Bybee products are rubbish and quackery. 
Audible Illusions M3B with Aragon amp?
Will probably make many mad here, but I ordered an MB3  recently, and it was on my doorstep in 10 days. When I saw the box, I think I scared my neighbor when I exclaimed, "NO WAY!" Apparently, AA is pretty unpredictable in their delivery, but boy ... 
Pest Inspection
I had very good success by playing Kanye West. Apparently, the 'auto-tune' frequencies disorient the bugs, making them walk in circles and hold their little feet up to their ears. 
Stay away from the nad
It depends on which NAD era we're talking about. My 7225PE I bought in 1991 has been used, abused, played at beer parties outside in the freezing cold, and left powered continuously on for one 10-year stretch...not one hiccup and it still rocks. H... 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
"Anyone tried the fuses filled with bees wax? $175 per fuse."Have not tried these, but I tried the version filled with s*&t. Sounded great until my amp took a dump on my floor. 
Anyone Using Crystals?
When I added crystals to my system, I totally noticed that its energy senators aligned (I am talking instantly here, man), and everything sounded so amazing and rad in tune with my energy centers, too. Crystals are right on with me...totally, real... 
Is the sound of ATL plug performing the best?
I would certainly think so. I am a big fan of the ATL 100% conductive plugs (not so much the ones that are lower in the model chain and thus less conductive). I actually transferred the ETP-M16RH ETP-F16RH plug to my coffee maker (Transvold Extrem... 
Hearing is believing?........power cables.......
Guys, you are all so gullible. The OP's post was fabricated just to get us to buy cables....DUUUHHH. 
Speaker recommendation for married couple
The issue in this case is that looks clearly trumped sound for your wife...this is EXACTLY why I'm not married!! 
Harbeth Love and your experiences
LOVE my Spendor SP1/2Es (seamless driver integration makes them sound like a point source) and don't need to hear anything else.  
Tuners that do it?
Love my NAD 1600...beautiful "live" sound since the day I bought it in 1991. 
Opinions on Quicksilver Valve Linestage Preamp
Love love my QS 6922-based line stage and listen to it multiple hours a day 365 a year w/o issues. I've also owned the 165BEE (nice piece as well), and I think the QS is the better of the two.  
Evaluating a system - what do you listen for?
In this order:1] Driver integration (if that's not dead-on right, nothing else matters)2] Total lack of treble fatigue3] Tonal saturation (aka timbral accuracy)3] Sufficient 'weight' across every frequency4] PRAT5] Dynamics6] Soundstaging...and th... 
Your choice of the most "inert" cabinets ?
Those of us who've been in this hobby long enough know that 'resonance' is not a bad word when it to comes to speakers. Am listening to Govt Mule Live now, and my Spendor's resonances sound good as %$#&.