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Evaluating a system - what do you listen for?
In this order:1] Driver integration (if that's not dead-on right, nothing else matters)2] Total lack of treble fatigue3] Tonal saturation (aka timbral accuracy)3] Sufficient 'weight' across every frequency4] PRAT5] Dynamics6] Soundstaging...and th... 
Your choice of the most "inert" cabinets ?
Those of us who've been in this hobby long enough know that 'resonance' is not a bad word when it to comes to speakers. Am listening to Govt Mule Live now, and my Spendor's resonances sound good as %$#&. 
Marantz SA 8005 break in
Get yourself a CD6005 for CDs…it's a great player with zero harshness, just smooth, enjoyable sound. 
High end UPS for Expensive audio eequipments
APC S-10 or S-15. Proven, dead quiet, reliable, and not a rip-off like so many power conditioners are. Get one and don't look back. 
which budget FM Tuner
NAD 4300. 
Durand record weight ha ha ha ha - and other crazy thing
Stupid is stupid, whether one is rich or poor. And yes, $3500 for a stupid record weight is stupid. 
Mellow speakers
IF you can find Spendor 1/2s or 100's, they will also do it. Both are mellower than the Vandys in the upper mids/treble. 
Mellow speakers
Frieds show up on eBay all the time, especially A3s, which are SUPERB...never fatiguing, balanced, dynamic, and offering excellent transient response and PRAT. I own 2 pair and love them hooked up to vintage NAD gear. 
Music you Hated but now Love
Back in college, my roommate dug NIN ("Turn that crap OFF!") Now, I see that some of that older NIN was brilliant. 
Upgrade my DAC or buy more weed?
Real classy post, Audiofreak. Please continue submitting your substantive ideas and questions. 
What is going on? No-one buys good stuff priced right.
Seriously...Krell, KEF, Audio Research, Harbeth. Someone tell, me, "WHAT is going on?????" 
Best Component Ever, for the money
NAD 7225PE receiver I bought in 1991 for $349...Musical, dead quiet, reliable, dynamic, smooth, and with an incredible tuner to boot. Still "does it" for me 25 years later. 
Atmasphere amps trustable?
I came home one time, and I found my M-60 Mk II's in BED with my Spendors...I will never get the image out of my mind, and I sold them both the next day. By far the most two-faced, untrustworthy amps I've ever bought. 
What to do with bad recorded CDs
Easy solution... buy speakers and equipment that are non-fatiguing and that allow you to enjoy every recording in your collection. Sadly, some of the most highly touted brands out there do a poor job at this. Avoid those brands and/or models withi... 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
Kenny G: Forever YouJohn Tesh: At the TopGang Thugs 4-Ever: In It 2 Die (uuughh..yeah)Celine Dion: Singing Higher Than YouJustin Bieber: Straight to Your Heart, Girl