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Turntable purchase advice sought
@simao if the captive signal leads are a concern, there are options of attaching an RCA breakout box or direct replacement to some other preferred cable - many videos & sources are available for such work including KABUSA.  
Turntable purchase advice sought
The fact you don’t mind fussing around should lead you to trying it. Count me as an SL1200 believer. Like any turntable, changes are very possible and you should be able to assess whether or not different is better as you experience an other mach... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
@willy-t Luxman PD-151 is an excellent choice coming in under your budget 👍      
Cartridge Recommendations for SME V Arm
No takers?? OK, here it goes . . . EMT JSD 6 or HSD 006 MC Phono Cartridge Healthy outputs (for the lowish gain of your ARC) coupled with Alnico magnets  - just like my favorite Dynavectors 👍 Insert proper loading resistors into your PH3’s inte... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
read what M.Fremer posted in his review of the DD SAT XD-1 100K+ TT   “XD1's engine does begin life as the SP-10R's basic drive system”  
VPI Scout 2 Tonearm
I recall VPI using a 222mm Spindle-to-Pivot distance, same as Rega and several others.  
End Game Turntable suggestions
@vinylvalet  👍 nice suggestions  As something more ambitious, a Technics 1200 G with the addition of an eBay Stainless Steel armboard coupled with an SME M2-9 would be rightfully nice, especially voiced with a Luxman Tungsten polymer record mat. ... 
Lyra Etna Lambda SL tracking force
While you’re waiting on a response from jcarr, you might try lowering your tonearm height just a small touch with the recommended VTF applied. Since this tonearm should be a perfect, dynamically stable performer in it’s vertical plane, VTF will mo... 
Has anyone tried these? Thoughts?
While the technology is intriguing, I prefer “velocity” based pickups as opposed to “displacement” types out of respect for proper decoding of record equalization, typically RIAA.  
VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
We are very lucky to have Steve serving the audio community. He is a true audiophile with a ton of experience and a vast personal collection of gear to reflect on. He recently saved a 40+ year old Technics EPA500 tonearm that lost signal in it’s ... 
Getting back into venal with a $2,000 budget.
While I’m a huge fan of Technics DD, I kind of like your option of the used Marantz. That particular model uses an AC synchronous motor so there won’t be any speed issues that are so common on the non-servo DC motor decks from Clearaudio, as long ... 
What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?
If you have a chance, check out the Luxman PD-151MARKII. Luxman has done a great job building & voicing their turntables the past few years including the earlier PD-151 & PD-171 models. No tweaking required.  
Best Alignment Protractor?
Original Dennison for me unless I am setting up an SME where I use theirs. I’ve also used both versions of the Feickert which are fine, I just prefer simplicity.  
Phono Stage Question.....
Since your EF1 is solid state, I believe you would have a great experience with it all the way around - 'much improved-go and buy it' I’ve got a friend with a similar Kleos who adores his Loco. In my own setup, I am a big fan of the musical bene... 
Cartridge setup experts: Azimuth critique
Impossible to see on a microscopic level. Play some Joni Mitchell Blue (or a little Wayne Newton 😆) and listen for detail vs Sibilance. That should tell you everything. If sibilant, simply rotate azimuth towards the channel that breaks up first ...