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Stylus skipping at beginning of record
If sibilance is OK then please proceed. Otherwise, azimuth and anti-skate would be my path for a styli misbehaving at a record’s edge guard lead-in. Also worth note - If cueing via the tonearm’s cueing lever, it really helps to have that interfac... 
i would rather have great vintage original pressings and a modest cartridge than a great cartridge and new pressings.   +1 there’s your answer   
Tonearm Parallel?
Parallel is the recommended place to begin. FWIW, I always start with top of headshell parallel to platter surface and if necessary adjust up or down in tiny increments (<2mm typically) if need is perceived. And yes you can do this by ear. ... 
Help with Packing and boxing up SME 15 turntable.
From my poor memory (I hope this helps!) Fairly certain the platter is placed on the lower level face up with the paper material covering its record surface.  I suspect turntable is next on the middle level with tonearm removed & it’s vertic... 
Dynavector XV-1S   👍 +1  
Current sensing phono stages w/Rega?
FWIW, the 6ohm alnico magnet Dynavectors: XX-2 MkII, TKR & DRT XV-1s are definitely favs in the Loco universe 👍  
Current sensing phono stages w/Rega?
All of the Ortofon Quintet & Cadenza Series are between 5~7 ohms starting at $346 & their vintage SPUs (LOMC versions) are between 2~6 ohms starting at $599 👍  
Current sensing phono stages w/Rega?
The Mutech Hayabusa, which as been described as a continuation of the NLA Transfiguration Proteus, has a Coil impedance of 1.5Ω.  I believe all of the My Sonic Labs (MSL) are under 2Ω with their Ultra Eminent EX having the lowest Internal impedan... 
Technics SL-1800 mk2
Original brochures are available if you access the link at the bottom of the various model pages:    
With a Series V tonearm I’d be jumping on an alnico magnet Dynavector ASAP. XX-2 MKII, Te Kaitora Rua or DRT XV-1s as you budget allows. Even better with a Sutherland Transimpedance phono input 👍  
Which LS3/5a?
There is a friend who goes by LS3/5a on another (SH) forum who has owned a number of these fabled models over the years who you could reach out to. If I recall from a recent conversation, he is of the opinion that the bigger box offering from Fal... 
Current sensing phono stages w/Rega?
According to the Sutherland website, the MkII version of the Little Loco, “It is “good to go” with no special concerns on turntable signal wiring. The original little LOCO had an essentially balanced input signal requirement. The signal came in ... 
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
In the later ‘80 when NEC was pimping video products, their failure rate quickly earned the reference of Never Ending Crisis   
Anyone Still Using Zerodust
. . . uses a specialized xacto knife to scrape hardened ‘gunk’ off a used diamond stylus (under high magnification) to bring back to life when possible. Been there, done that. Was informed in both cases that (extensive) use of a stylus preserva... 
Anyone Still Using Zerodust
Yes, I’ve been using the ONZOW ZeroDust for 15+ years and will continue. It’s a great product when used as intended and very economical in the long run with periodic cleaning.