Responses from boxer12

Are there any quality Phish recordings?
A Picture of Nectar / Great music & well recorded (on vinyl)  
Umphrey's McGhee
They are good. I'll check that one out. A couple other bands you may be interested in:moe.Stringcheese IncidentI saw moe. three weeks ago live. Great band.  
Obscure bands
Some of the better relatively unknown musicians/bands from my collection:Clem SnideLambchopBardo PondJason MolinaThe White FrontsDavid & DavidStereolabSea and CakeA Minor ForestAcid Mother TempleGrandmothersStarless and Bible BlackDo Make Say ... 
Albums you can listen too all the way through and it's all good
Wilco / Yankee Hotel FoxtrotRoxy Musics first and second albumsTom Waits / All of them 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Went on a bike ride a couple weeks ago. Saw moe. in Utica NY, then a couple nights later Dark Star Orchestra in Charlotte NC. Both were absolutely excellent.  
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
Is there weed on this desert island? If so:Roxy Music's first (or second) Captain Beefhearts Brown Paper WrapperGrateful Deads ReckoningKing Crimsons RedWilco's live box set (because I spent so much money on it)If only single malt scotch on this i... 
THE most sonically dissappointing (lp) you own of great music?
Ditto Bruce's Born To Run. I went all out on that one & bought the half speed master. I could tell it was bad even on the Scott table I was using at the time. It doesn't sound like the original master was any better. What a shame. Within the l... 
... Best Live Recordings ( other than Classical or Opera) on CD...
The Grateful Dead / ReckoningWilco / Kicking TelevisionKing Crimson / USABob Dylan / Real LiveFleetwood Mac / Live at the Boston Tea Party 
Is there (one) song that can start your day and...end your day?
Cat Power, Amazing Grace 
Your most played music/song
Grateful Dead for 35 years. King Crimson, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, for 30+ years. Can for 20 years. Bardo Pond for 10+ years.  
RSD 2016
I picked up Bardo Ponds RSD release. A double album they did with Acid Mothers Temple. Great catch! 
Whats playing on your system today?
Mark Lanegan / Black PuddingDo Make Say Think / Other TruthsDo Make Say ThinkFlaming Lips / Christmas on Mars 
Whats playing on your system today?
My Morning Jacket / It Still Moves My Morning Jacket / Acoustic (Live) My Morning Jacket / Chocolate and Ice My Morning Jacket / Evil Urges My Morning Jacket / ZDavid Bowie / Scary MonstersI don't typically listen to that much of the same band... 
Beware of the prolieration of Counterfeit Tubes?
If you're interested in NOS tubes, check out Brent Jessee Recording and Supply Inc.  
How do you prepare for a record show?
Thank you Slaw.