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John Martyn
Another thumbs up for Live at Leeds. Great Album 
How do you prepare for a record show?
Slaw,I have a great record collectionPeace  
How do you prepare for a record show?
I don't really plan ahead. Mostly just smoke weed, put on patchouli, then head for the psychedelic section. 
"Epic" compositions worth giving a spin
Rattlesnake Shake off Fleetwood Mac's Live at the Boston Tea Party album (Yea I know, but still a good song). Dark Star off the Grateful Dead's Live Dead album. King Crimson Red. Various Bardo Pond sides (they love long songs). Frank Zappa's Billy... 
Which artist do you absolutely love, but own nothing by the them?
I don't know yet but will buy their albums once I hear them 
Do you like Mexican music??
I like Calexico. Excellent indie rock band, check them out if you're not familiar.  
What is David Bowie's turntable?
czarivey,Thanks for the Earthling recommendation. I'll have to check that one out. I've also found side 2 of Hunky Dory to be recorded well.  
Best recordings to demonstrate soundstage?
Genesis / Lamb lies down on broodway 
Vinyl sales
Long live the LP / 68 years and counting 
Best Drum Solos
What, no grateful dead? I saw them a couple dozen times before Jerry died and really enjoyed the "drums" portion of there concerts. They would play (Bill & Mickey) for about 20 minutes on there own without the rest of the band. Good stuff &... 
Just how great is Elvis Costello
The first album I bought from him was Spike. Love that album along with king of america, & sugercane. He is creative, and sings with passion.  
Your picks of mediocre or lousy vocals with great musicians!
All of my favorites are flawed (Garcia, Dylan, Young, etc.) but absolutely remarkable. I don't have the stomach for "american idol" type musicians. I'll take emotion and character any day over smooth and predictable. 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic / Stillness of this day is an incredible LP 
Lyra Kleos Repair
(If you can’t afford Lamborghini maintenance, perhaps, having one in the garage, and worse yet, one on the road, is a bad idea. Not being happy with the repair bill is only human. Taking it to a fiat dealer is sheer madness.) IMHO Fiat would ma... 
What's your biggest surprise in hifi?
That the cost of quality LP's has not plateaued yet.