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How important is the transport when using a DAC?
Well...if there ONE thing you can get away with not having to spend loads of money (unless ultimate musical reproduction is a must), inexpensive transport it is...but experiment with few inexpensive dvd players and you might hear a difference too... 
dc10audio Berlin Destryed the Competition at RMAF
Ooooh, here we go again... 
best DAC' choice between $1K-$2K?
Id check out the new Red Wine Audio DAC. 
Looking to replace Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference
I'm glad that your speakers are getting into the groove. If you're looking for more extension on both sides, even though at twice the budget, I think you'd have a hard time trying to find something better than Clarity Audio cables. Will help with ... 
Ayon Skylla II vs Lampizator 4 or 5
I had Ayon 5 cd player briefly and then I got Lamp, the new 4 version. I ended up with Lampizator. Sorry I cant provide more info, Lamp just sounded better. 
Silver Circle Power Conditioners - how good?
Can you tell us more? Was that the only power conditioner you had in your system? Did you have a chance to compare it with something else? 
WP 7 or Totem Wind or AZ Crescendo or ????
Never heard Adagio, but considering the price difference, I wouldnt be surprised if Adagio couldnt hold a candle to Crescendo. They are a match made in heaven with tube electronics, for super clear, "liquid" presentation that also has a realistic ... 
Best RMAF 2012
In no order.1. Sanders2. MBL3. Acoustic Zen CrescendoHeadphones:4. Audeze LCD-3 with Woo DAC and tube amplifier 
WP 7 or Totem Wind or AZ Crescendo or ????
For what it's worth, I thought the Crescendo's sounded absolutely gorgeous at RMAF. Many speakers can sound dynamic and punchy, but not too many sound as glorious as this one. 
Experiences w/ Lampizator level 2?
Theres a dealer in Virginia that's I'd recommend. 
PurePower what are your thoughts?
Snopro, can you tell us more about the performance of the unit compared to just power cords being plugged right into the wall. Did you have a chance to compare it to more traditional power conditioners? Thank you 
Beware purepower inc
That's a shame, Purepower was on my list as a candidate for my power product. Not sure why so there are so many issues with them. Time will tell. 
Taming edge from remastered CDs?
Why not just get the original version, if available? 
Replacing Duet with Touch?
Clarity and dynamics improved...I'll do more evaluations, since I just upgraded yesterday. 
Soundproof material for a dedicated room
I know...I'm in trouble. I might have to start bartending at night. lol