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Who do you trust?
Me, das who! 
I googled walwart becsue I don't know that it it is...and walmart came up.... 
AMR DP 777 or LampizatOr Level 5
I got a BIG6 Lamp myself and it is the best dac Ive ever had....and Ive heard some heavy hitters in my system. Pure musical joy. Much respect to Lapm guy in Poland and Gopher guy, the dealer for making it happen.... 
Dali Epicon 2 or Monitor Audio PL100
"Hi Bo,Thank you for your excellent advice. I have decided on the PL100's and I made my order, so the Dali no longer interest me."Wow, that was easy.... 
RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
Rose75, all of your posts are pretty much trashing Vapor for two years now. Hmmm 
AudiogoN Inception Date?
1969? Isnt that before Internet? Maybe that would be a good question, what came first, internet or Audiogon? 
Tube Friendly High End "Big" speakers
Acoustic Zen Crescendo...and laugh all the way to the bank :-) 
PS Audio PWT - cd transport
I have been very pleased with my PWT too and it destroyed all of my regular throwaway dvd players. But there's MSB, BMC, and others and I'd be very curious how they compare. 
Can headphones ever be as good as high end stereo?
Yes, they can. You can contact me if you wish to get more ideas or impressions. 
MAGIC Roller Coaster Ride For CD Players .....
I use Stabilant 22 with good results too, after I clean the contacts with alcohol. 
Audio Selection Bitstream vs Auric Illuminator
Essence of Music...downside, it takes like 5 minutes for the whole process..... 
Speaker cables to smoothen things up
Antipodes cables. 
Review: Concert Fidelity DAC-040 DA converter
I have been fairly busy so I havent had as much time to listen as I would have liked. Yes, I think they are on the same level, just with slightly different presentation, which could be due to tube choices. Ultimately Big6 is staying put and Concer... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Thank you for keeping us updated...Im especially curious how the tube dacs stack against each other, like Lamp against Romulus and then solid state Aeris against Empirical. 
USB DAC CDP: EAR Acute MkIII or Marantz SA11S3
I agree, out of these two, EAR would be my choice without hesitation.