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Ayon Spirit III or Vincent V60 integrated amp
I spoke to the U.S. distributor of Vincent audio products today (12/20/13) and learned that even though Vincent V-60 is not imported anymore from Europe, it is still in production over there and if needed in the future, parts as well as servicing ... 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Poor man's Rockport Atrias?
I was gonna mention Ankaa listed here for under 9k...but I guess it's gone.... 
Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
I agree with Tubegroover...not too long ago I was seriously considering them but ultimately decided against them simply because I have never heard them. If you have a good product (or even not so good) you have to make yourself available to the pu... 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
Cant talk for someone else, but 2000 plus looks like 2000+ to me.... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
What version is CT-1 UR? 
Hi-Fi Fuses - SNAKE OIL? - or something in it?
"I once blew a couple of expensive HiFi Supremes when I mistook the .5 amp for the 5 amp."That's why in Europe .5 is written as 0.5. 
Listening chair suggestions
The thing that turned me off when considering Ikea Poang chair was that just about any slight movement on my end was followed by these tiny vibrations. So if you sit like a zombie in a chair, not an issue but otherwise not good. 
Power cords recommendations
Id encourage you to audition Stefan AudioArt power cords. A lot of bang for the buck. The guy behind them is great to deal with too. 
Lonestar Audio Festival - May 3-5 2013 in Dallas
What I had in mind was a scale of the show and number of different and hopefully well established brands. Last time I went to Lone Star Fest I had to remind myself that I did move out of Albuquerque 5 years previously and moved to the 4th largest ... 
Lonestar Audio Festival - May 3-5 2013 in Dallas
If it's anything like the Chicago show, I'm definitely going....:-) 
Ayon CD5S vs AMR 77
Better or the best? 
CD player to be use as a transport advice?
Steve, how would that compare to the same/similar Oppo player with your re-clocker? 
Integrated Tube Amp Under $3k Used
I have Vincent V-60 which I think it's terrific. Let me know if you have any questions, since I might be putting it up for sale. 
Ayon audio gone out of business?
Seems to be working where I am sitting.