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Speakers for a Large Room (20’x37’)
Dunlavy sc-4,5,6s are still to be found on occasion. Even though they are perhaps a couple of decades old, they still represent one of the best values in high end audio. Oh, and they absolutely love big rooms.  
Nordost Odin or Valhalla 2
Well, I'm a late comer to seriously trying the Nordost line. I did hear the Odin setup a few years ago at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show and was duly impressed. I do have a fairly significant investment in my two channel room, so when I happened to... 
Is The FM tuner obsolete?
I think there will always some form of FM broadcast, but just like vinyl, reel -to-reel, cassettes, cds etc.  Streaming is where the action is and it will impose it's will on everything else for the foreseeable future.I should also say that using ... 
How long do good speakers last?
I've had my Dunlavy SC V, IV, III, I and Cantatas for over 20 years. Had to replace 3 or 4 drivers along the way. Outlasted all my electronic upgrades through the years. Have never once had the urge to replace the speakers.Oh yes, and I should inc... 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
I have auditioned and listened to McIntosh amps through the years and have come to the conclusion that their tube amps sound very different from their solid state amps. You can probably guess which one sounded better than the other.  
Anybody own a component that sounds better with the cover off?
I owned an Audio Research SP-8 years ago that definitely sounded better with the top panel off. Probably could have stayed on if the right kind of damping material had been used. 
PS audio new 25K dac and the psychological effect of owning a company's best.
This is so far past the 'point of diminishing returns' that a person would have to have other needs to fill other than just enjoying great music. Move the decimal point one place to the left and I might think about it. 
Matching components?
Matching all components often is next to impossible, but having said that, to the extent it can be done often avoids problems with 'hums, buzzes and noise floor' problems. Components from a given manufacturer is often 'voiced' by using other compo... 
Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?
The AudioQuest Cobalt USB DAC has 'no right' to sound as good as it does for $300.00. Amazing piece of miniaturization! 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
To me, streaming has changed the music world (what seems like) overnight. I have spent years collecting CDs and putting together physical CD mixers. I didn't anticipate that streaming could be as good as it is (at least on Tidal) and that I would ... 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Analog is in the rear view mirror as far as I'm concerned. No disrespect for the medium because I have owned some of the best and it was very very good. But (goodness knows) with the likes of Tidal and the capabilities of quality DACs and access t... 
Acoustat Electrostatic spearkers
Hooked up an Audio Research D200 (years ago); smoked the amp and Acoustats in the first 5 seconds.  
Who puts their speakers right up against the back wall and why?
Boston Acoustics have made some speakers designed to be placed against the wall through the years. We had a pair in a fairly small room (years ago) and they were quite enjoyable. 
Where do you buy your CDs these days?
I used to buy almost all my CDs from Second Spin. But alas, another casualty of our times. Ebay seems to be the best alternative along with Amazon.  
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Hooked up an Audio Research D200 amplifier to a pair of low Ohm Electrostatic Speakers. Damage to both pieces. Definitely learned an expensive lession.