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Too Much Power?
If there's a problem, it's that you will be paying for a lot more power than you will ever need. Manufacturers love to make you think that more power is better HI FI. This simply is not true. Some of the best systems are powered by no more that 10... 
Specific Pre-Amp advice
I've had Audio Research preamps and the Jeff Roland Capri. All very good, but not as liquid as the Marantz SC-7S2.  
I need a recommendation for long(er) cables
I have a perfect set of cables in that length if interested. 
Should I upgrade to XLR interconnects?
In a world of thousands of cable choices who can say? My own experience (40+ years) has been that single ended cables sound better in my reference system. 
Been buying and selling on AudioGon for decades and have been scammed twice. First, was a set of relatively inexpensive interconnects that were clearly inferior to what I was using and the manufacturer would not take them back. Fortunately, this h... 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
Maggies and ARC gear have been a great match through the years. It was the Tympani 1Cs and ARC tube gear that got me into this hobby...a very long time ago.  
Who would buy a Boulder 3050 amplifier?
Had a chance to spend some time with a full line-up of Boulder components which I think included the 3050's(?). The full set-up retailed somewhere North of 300K. Listened to a lot of my music. I have an ultra high-end 2 channel system at home whic... 
The "Digital" listening experience
PTSS is moving in the right direction with the acknowledgement that to get better sound you have to 'do things' to get there. After being in this hobby for 45+ years I've grown to appreciate how valuable 'patient tweaking' can be whether analog or... 
The "Digital" listening experience
Digital done right is every bit as good or better than analog. Moot point. 
Need Suggestions for speakers up to $15K new/used
Dunlavy Cantata(s) if you are looking for great performance and want to keep about 13K of your budget. Really?? Really!! 
Amps and Preamps has standby, but should I turn them completely off?
I turn off my preamp and cd player, but leave my mono amps on all the time. The reason is that keeping the amps on causes a small amount of current to go to the speakers and acts as a 'sealing current' to the connections. The mono amps do not run ... 
What has your audiophile experience taught you about yourself?
It is hard to explain how much enjoyment I have had from this hobby. It has brought me closer to great music and it has been a fifty year journey that lives on. I am thankful to have had the opportunity and means to put together systems that have ... 
Your single favorite component
Dunlavy speakers (have almost all of them) still remain the standard by which I judge all other contenders. 
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
There are quite a number of very effective tweaks. Of these, I believe the Schumann resonance devices have made the most dramatic positive improvement. 
Upgrade path
I have a set of the Dunlavy SC-IVs along with about every other Dunlavy model that was ever made. Yes, going to larger Dunlavys will give you more bass foundation, but (loving clean deep bass as I do) I have still felt compelled to add subwoofers....