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What time do you wear?
Wow Semi, nice collection there! 
how to side-grade from B&W 805's?
Several months have passed, has Koven already made a switch? 
Feedback on McIntosh Mc-402 amplifier
Did you mean MC-402? My "guess" is that being you love the VTL's, you'll be disappointed with the switch. 
The Hub: AKFest 2010 -''Audio Karm'', not Bill the Cat
I made it again this year and just as with previous years I greatly enjoyed it and only wish I had more time there. 
McIntosh MA2275 int tube Amp...OPINIONS PLEASE
I used the MA2275 for a time and I was very pleased with it. 
The Harbeth phenomenon
I don't get how you could go through the effort of making/buying great drivers and using a so so box. I don't see this as accurate. From what I understand, much time and study has went into each "box". 
McIntosh MA 2275 - Headphone Jack Debacle
I owned one of these a few years ago and noticed this issue as well, but being I was just "playing" with the 'phones with no intentions of using them regularly I never pursued further. 
Pass Labs Int-30a or Naim 282- 250 combo
Don't disregard whatever feeling the Naim is giving as well as don't get too caught up in the audiophile "affects"; I have heard neither of these pieces, so I favor neither.I recall back in the 80's I had this little Denon integrated which I repla... 
Pass Labs A/B amps vs Class A amp and Actual Power
Is the "Class A" in an amp that switches to A/B at some point the same as pure Class A? 
B&W 803 Diamond
Krell1, the 800 series has just been upgraded, there is no longer the S models in the 800 series. While I understand it is expensive to precess the diamond tweeters, at the same time $5k for the 805 Diamond is a lot of money, for example. 
B&W 803 Diamond
I have heard from another that also says the new line is very impressive. There was also a comment in one of the current mags, TAS or Stereophile, I forget which. The unfortunate thing, as it seems to me, is the prices. 
B&W 803S, are they the right speakers for me?
It could be any of a number of things, somewhere there isn't a match or possibly a room issue; I do not subscribe to all speakers with aluminum twweter guaranteed to sound "hot", it is all in the design/execution of the speaker. 
Accuphase E450 vs Pass INT150
To add more to your lengthy list, consider the Luxman line of integrated amps. There is a fellow AG'r here that has tried the INT-150 and the 9200 from your list, amongst others, and tried the Luxman L-505u and now owns the L-550a II, prefering bo... 
Harbeth vs Proac
Some of the commentary about 7's being better than the much more expensive 30's is troubling.The M30 design is more for studio use while 7's for home use, as I understand it, not that the M30's can't sound good in a home. Just understand each ones... 
B&W 803S, are they the right speakers for me?
I may be wrong about this. But I am fairly sure that using the 4ohm tap will lower the power output for an 8ohm speaker.These speakers, while stated as 8 ohm, perform more like 4 ohm. Years ago when using N803's, I contacted a B&W rep. and was...