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Anthem AVM/20 upgrade to Integra or Marantz??
what about purchasing a used Anthem MRX300? 
Center channel with in walls
thanks Saeyedoc. I really like the Vandersteens.Brian 
Ground loop hum
I placed a cheater plug on the sub and the Hum went away. Any drawbacks on this method?Brian 
Ground loop hum
Thank you both I'll try the sat tonight.Marakanetz which power conditioner do you use?Brian 
Anthem mrx500 vs onyko TX NR 809
I just had time to hook it up and the MRX with the PPVA5 sounds great! Have to calibrate the system but much crisper and surround out of ther box is much more enveloping. I wonder how the Onkyo NR809 compares. 
Anthem mrx500 vs onyko TX NR 809
I had the same decision and went with the MRX but I'm not sure that the choice was better. My installer loves the 809. He'll be hooking up my MRX300 with a PVA5 (both used) shortly and I'll let you know. Let me know what you do