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What preamp would work well with an Odyssey Strato
Thanks for cleering things up for me Greg, now I can begin to look for my preamp. Thanks 
Suggestions for a CD player to match Odyssey Amp
Thanks, that makes me feel great about my choice. I was a little unsure, had my heart set on the Stratos Plus, a PS Audio HCA-2, a McCormack DNA, or outlaw monoblocks. Your Experience with many of these products puts my mind at ease. I still think... 
Suggestions for a CD player to match Odyssey Amp
Thanks for the advice. I was planning on getting a preamp. Maybe an etasian, but wanted to get others ideas considering the differance between a active and passive preamp. It sounds like the amp that i ordered is the same set up as yours but it is... 
What preamp would work well with an Odyssey Strato
I think the actice pre needs to be 70 ohms. Do passive preamps have a ohm rating? Thanks for taking the time to respond.Cheers,andy 
Cleveland, OH
Thanks for the heads up. 
Cleveland, OH
Does anyone have some suggestions of some good used audio dealers in the state of Ohio?The only one I know of is Play it Again Sam in Cleveland. 
What is the best value you have encountered?
I just purchased a set of vandersteen 1b speakers for $144.00That is my best value purchase to date. 
Glowing Review of Eminent Technology LFT-8 speaker
I hope to be able to verify the words with my ears soon. 
Does anyone have information on the Adcom 2535
can you bridge all four into two?What is the advantage of getting 2 535s over this?Any advantage of 2 monoblocks? 
Where do you start? Is there any hope?
Is the sonic impact any good? 
"Giant Killer" The things legends are made of.
3ox,Thanks for the input. I think you have captured the spirit of the post. Thanks 
What is needed to have the best CD/Digital sound?
What are some of these all in one box units? 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Saranac Root Beer in a Frosty Mug! 
Cleveland, OH
I would like to join, if you will have me. 
Cleveland, OH
I don't know what I want. I a poor college grad that is hoping to go to Grad school in the fall.I want my stuff to sound good, but fill both audio and video requirements.I never had anything other than Onkyo receivers and the like. I need help. Ne...