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Upgrade LP12 or buy new VPI?
R_F_sayles, My LP12 has no upgrades and has the Ittok LVII. Deck is sitting on a LP stand attached to the wall. I am looking at the VPI players which retail under 8K new. 
Anyone ever modified a MP 1 Mk 11 Atma Sphere Pre
Another thing to remember. If you get an upgrade from Atma-Sphere you get a brand new warranty! 
Upgrade LP12 or buy new VPI?
I currently have about 300 LPs. Also I don't have any floor issues so I should be OK there. 
Where do you buy "NEW/Current" LPs?
Hey thanks for all of these great sites. I'm feeling like I can now find some LPs that I want to listen to. Thanks again everyone.... 
Where do you buy "NEW/Current" LPs?
I am from North Carolina. I do get a chance to visit many cities with work. 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
People, who cares what the speakers cost. It is up to the person who is buying the speaker to determine if it is worth the price or not. If I buy a speaker for 1,000 and I think it is worth the money fine. If I buy a speaker for 100,000 and I thin... 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
The best thing to do on any review is trust your ears. Never buy a product without listening to it. Now I know everyone can't or won't do this. But everyone should. Remember there is no product made that everyone likes. If you like Wilson speakers... 
Which Amps the Tenor 150 or CAT JL2.
Have you had a chance to listen to either of these fine amps? 
Audio Aero Direct into Amps.
I have run mine into Pass, Atma-Sphere, Classe, Kora, and others. Never had any problems and love the sound. 
seeking repair advice on a BAT vkp-5
I suggest you call BAT first. Is the unit under warranty? Maybe BAT can suggest a repair shop. 
If you were to carry a tube product line?
Atma-Sphere Atma-Sphere Atma-Sphere. 
How is the OTL sound like?
I have owned the Atma-Sphere MA1 and M60. I have also had the MA2 in my system and OTL is the way to go IMHO. Now I haven't heard other OTL designs so this might just be an Atma-Sphere thing but these are the best amps I have heard or had in my sy... 
Amp for Wilson Watt Puppy 7
Try Atma-Sphere OTL amps. I had WP6 with Atma-Sphere MA1 and all I can say is WOW! 
Coolest color for Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 ?
Mercedes Silver! 
Found Monster cables inside my Watt Puppy 5.1's
Like you I thought Wilson only used Transparent cables. But a more important question is how do they sound? If you like the sound of your 5.1 then it really doesn't matter what cable they use. Hopefully you don't fell worst about the speakers beca...