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Eidolon vs Opus
You might want to go to and post a question on their forumn. I'm sure that question has been asked before. I have heard both and the Eidolon takes your wonderful speaker to a new level. I'm thinking you like Avalon speakers... 
Review: Spectral DMC-30SL
Shubertmaniac you hit it right on the head. Spectral makes some killer gear IMHO and to get the most out of it you have to go the extra mile. System matching is what it is all about. 
Which Amp for Magnepan MG 3.6/R?
I have a friend running his Mag 3.6 with an Electrocompaniet AW250 and I must say it is pretty awesome. 
Review: Pass Labs X-350 Amplifier
Killer review. Sounds like you found the amp for you. Pass does make some great gear. 
Kora Cosmos Amps
Very nice amps espically when you consider how much they cost. Some of the best midgrange in the business IMHO. 
Review: Avalon Acoustics Radian Speaker
Shubertmaniac, I used to own a pair of Radians and you got one killer speaker. I have listened to the Eidolon maybe 10 times and only once did I think the Eidolon was setup right. Well only once did I think they was setup the way I would set them ... 
Anybody using Wilsons or Soundlabs with Pass Labs?
I have a pair of Wilson W/P 6 and tried a Pass 350 when I was looking for amps. The Pass was a very nice amp but just didn't do it for me. There was nothing wrong but I felt the magic wasn't there. I ended up with Atma-Spere MA1. The only thing I ... 
Alternatives to Dunlavy speakers?
Brauser I agree, to me Dunlavy made some of the best speakers around. Not everyone like Dunlavy speakers but what speaker does everyone like? Tireguy your comments can be said of any speaker. Hey some people like "laid back speakers". Of course I ... 
Attention: Dunlavy Audio Labs out of business
Twylie I could not agree with you more. Anytime I got bad service from a dealer, company, etc I never did business with them again. There is a dealer I did business with for years and I caught him lying to me. After I brought it to his attention h... 
Attention: Dunlavy Audio Labs out of business
Mythtrip this can be said about all speakers. There's no speaker that does it for everyone. I remember listening to a pair years ago and the dealer said everyone should love these speakers because they are tuned to be flat accross the audio spectr... 
McIntosh, Bryston, Proceed or krell
All are great. I have been a fan of Krell and McIntosh for years. But you really have to listen for yourself. One of the best systems I have ever heard in the last 20 years was an all McIntosh system. The funny thing is most "audiophiles" don't co... 
Attention: Dunlavy Audio Labs out of business
Its a sad day in Audio because Dunlavy made some of the best speakers IMHO. 
Review: Spectral DMA-360 Amplifier
I must agree with you that Spectral makes some of the best gear around. Spectral works very well with Avalon and Dunlavy IMHO. I have never heard the DMA-360 but did own DMA-150 and DMC-30 along with MIT cables and Dunlavy speakers. Love that setu... 
Best or most profound sleeper product
A used pair of Atma-Sphere amps! 
Watt Puppy 6 with tube amp.
I'm running a pair of W/P 6 with Atma-Sphere MA1 MKII.2 and they are simply amazing. My room is 16 x 19 and I listen mostly to Jazz and R&B. Never had any problems cranking it up. I went through Pass, Kora, VTL, and a few others before I decid...