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Anyone hear BPT Cirrus at RMAF 2008?
Incredible speaker especially for the money. Compare it to the Magico Mini's. That ought to start the thread going. 
Mark Levinson 436 vs. Theta Citadel monoblocks
I had the Theta's and they sound pretty much the same as your description. Biggest soundtage I've ever had. 
Atma-Sphere MA2 Mk2.3 / Krell KSA 250 / Passlabs?
The MA-2's for sure from what you've listed. I had a pair of MA-2's driving Soundlab A-1's for many happy years of listening and the Soundlabs are one of the hardest loads out there. Good luck! By the way the MP-1 with the MA-2's is a hard combo t... 
what is the best amp you've ever heard
Atma-Sphere MA-2's (Tube)BAT 600M SE (solid state) 
Purist Audio "Purist 20th Anniversary" I/C
These cables are amazing and continue to get better with break in. The only way I can describe it is that they have "SOUL". They just sound more like music than any other cable. They're definately worth it go for it. Good luck. 
Sleeper older preamp with great phono.....
Find an old Theta pre-amp. There was one on here not long ago usually between 500-700. Can't be beat for the price. Good luck. 
6SN7 based Pre-Amplifier
Try the Atma-Sphere MP-3. It's a killer. 
Not Another Purist Dominus Thread B vs C?
Call Purist. They are honest and can explain the differences better than anyone.Rusty 
Does a good sounding surge protector exist?
Running Springs Audio, Any of them. 
Dream State Audio power cables?
I'll echo the above posters. I've tried a ton of different cords and was quite happy with an EG and Vahalla set up I had till I bought one of these cords. It's like Vahalla but with body and soul. Killer cords IMHO. Good luck 
Suggestions for an AV receiver with phono input.
Try the Outlaw 450, can't remember it's replacement. I think one of them had a built in phono stage. 
Bluenote Stibbert Tube MK II fit?
It'll rock in any system. 
Atma-Sphere with which speaker cables?
Hi Dennis,Boy I wish I had your problems. I'm also using the MA-2's with Soundlab A-1's. I found the Magnan speaker cable to work quite well with this combo. I personaly didn't care for the Alpha Core in my system. Good luck.Rusty 
can anyone reccomend a high quality receptacle
Go with Albert's Porter Ports, for the money they're hard to beat and I've tried a bunch of them. Good luck. 
What is the best redbook CD player for 6K to 8K?
The new Bluenote Stibbert.