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Amp for Maggies 3.6R
The Wolcotts make Magies sing, sing, sing! 
Top phono cartrige to match jfrech's system ...
Hi Jfrech,Do yourself a favor and listen to Cartridge MAn Music Maker. You'll be able to drive it direct w/o a phono stage and it will fit your descriptions above while coplementing the weaknesses. A real sleeper of a cart IMHO.Rusty 
What SOLID STATE preamp recommended for the JC-1?
Pre-Amp for Parasound JC-1
Hi Rcupka,I'm having fantastic results with an Atma-Sphere MP-1. Truley a killer combo. 
Anyone hear of KEVEK speakers?
You already know more about them than I do. I owned a pair for awhile and sold them to a friend who still uses them. Absolute sleepers, they used to make me go home and wonder why I ever sold them. Good looking too.Rusty 
The passing of another legend...
A DH200 and the matching pre(A 101 ? ), anyway kit form, music from heaven. RIPRusty 
1950-2000: The Top 25 Singer/Songwriters
Pick up any Guy Clark album. 
Electrocompaniet owners
Well Said, and thanks for a voice of reason.Rusty 
Theta Stereo Preamp suggestion
Hello Huigor,I still have mine in a closet somwhere. This was a highly modified unit from one of the original designers John Beatty. It had custom made Teflon caps, a teflon circiut board, vishay resistors, a real clever battery powered circuit to... 
Aurios MIB Pro's - Set-up tips.
Hi Smp,I recently purchased a bunch of Pro's myself, I agree that they can make quite a difference (positive) but I found that I was getting a metallic sound in my system when I sat my components directly on top of the Pro's, I played around and f... 
Clash of the Titans
Hi Albert,I personally think you have to give the Atma-Spheres another shot. They are definately much better than the earlier ones Ralph sent you, besides that they are the most reliable amps I've ever owned. You can listen day after day and know ... 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
The Blasters, NRBQ 
Any phono sections with adjustments on fly/front?
The Counterpoint SA-9 phono stage had all the loading switches on the front, plus gain and a volume pot, besides that it can accommodate two tonearms at once(one mm and one mc) and it sounds great and can drive almost any low output coil. There wa... 
Best and Worst presentation
Best: A shop in El Paso, Tx. of all places. The setup was Infinity IRS Ones, AR D-79 amp and SP10 preamp. I don't remember the analog system but it was sweet, sweet, sweet.Worst: A shop in Phoenix, Az called Sounds Like Music, I seriously don't be... 
Thiels and Tubes
Hi Pops,It's been awhile but I used to own your speakers and tried a bunch of tube amps but could never get the power they seemed to need, I then sold them to a guy and hooked the up to his MacIntosh MC-75's and we both about fell over it was simp...