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Auditioned Innersound gear
Did Roger design the ERO's ? 
Sell them and buy a pair of real electrostats such as the Soundlabs. I love the transparency of the ML's but have never heard a pair I could live with for more than 10 minutes. Yes i've heard them properly set up or at least what Gayle thought was... 
"Fast sounding tube amp" with plenty of power? any?
Atma-Sphere MA-II's 
phono pre recommendations for crown jewel cart
Hi Jvr,I've been running a Counterpoint SA-9, it will drive just about anything and is very flexible with all the controls on the front of the unit. Enough gain to drive an amp directly. 
Nordost vs NBS
Hi Everyone,Had to respond, no I haven't raced the Nordost directly to the NBS, but have heard the two in a friends system I'm quite familiar with, I have to agree with Rosstaman. The sound had a better flow to it and just sounded more organic (we... 
Micro Seiki RX-1500,3000,5000,8000 good or bad turntable?
Hi Edle,I'm a Micro owner and have been for about 12 years now. I started out with the 1500. At that time it smoked the SOTA, VPI and another popular table of the day that I can't recall the name. It really was in another league in every parameter... 
I second the Equi-Tech units. Pretty good kept secret in the High End. IMHO 
Preamp for MA1 amp
Hello again Jkubina,As an aside I haven't tried the phono stage yet but will soon as I am having my tonearn rewired for a balanced signal. A friend of mine that has tried it says it's killer. 
Preamp for MA1 amp
Hello Everyone,Had to comment on this one, I have tried the Audible Illusions, CAT, CJ PV10 (I think) and the Joule Electra, all very good in thier own right, especially the Joule and then plugged in the MP-3, It was one of those few moments when ... 
best cd's to impress your friends with..
Roger Waters- Amused to death, when your system is dialed in you can literaly get about 240 degree soundfield, it's uncanny in a dark room. I have impressed and scared the heck out of people with this. 
Preamp shootout: Joule, CJ, BAT
Good piece macinman, I did a similar shoot out about three or four years ago and ended up buying the Joule. It truly is one of the finer preamps out there. However there is a piece that literally blew my mind and that was the Atma-Sphere MP-3, whe... 
To Soundlab or not to Soundlab?
You'll never regret your choice of a Soundlab, go for the A-1's if you can. I'm using Atma-Sphere's MA-1's and on 95% of the material I listen to they are quite adequate. 
Absolute Best power amp, tube ss
Atma-Sphere's MA-I or MA-2, MKII versions. 
How many DVDs/CDs/LPs do you own?
12 Childrens DVD's,2100 CD's, 6000lp's 
New power cords for M/L Aerius
I have a pair of NBS cables that I ran for years on my Soundlabs and just recently replaced them with an upgraded NBS. They were substantialy better than the stock power cords, fuller sound, lowered noise floor, better dynamics and more resolution...