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Decware ZDAC1
Thanks for the review. wonder why no one take notice about Decware. In any case, I still cannot find any info on their implementation of the USB. Does it play high res through USB 24/96? 
Zu Soul Superfly
Totally wimp out. As a married guy with 3 pairs of spks already, no matter how high the WAF the Zu is, I wouldn't be able to convince my wife that 1.8k for a 101db spk is a great investment in this short amount of time. Get it first, ask question ... 
Zu Soul Superfly
Been looking at the superfly. The sales ending today. It's decisions like this that define a man......and apparently I'm a wimp. 
Best budget speakers for near-field/small space
I second ascend acoustic. Been using sierra, use it as reference everytime a new pair of spks comes along. A used Sierra, or if you dun mind getting a preamp and a sub, a 340SE, they are the best bang for buck. 
Zu Druids upgraded Vs Essence
The soul is really tempting. I was never sure the transiency of ribbon and FRD are perfect fit. This is what I'd like, a FRD w/ horn tweet. I'd like to see more reviews. Anyone?? 
Bel Canto USB Link 24/96 vs Empirical off ramp 3
I think the Ramp 3 doesn't upsample the source signal. "The Off-Ramp 3 supports sample-rates of up to 24/96 and automatically generates 24/44.1 from 16/44.1"So if its redbook, it just add 8 more zeros at the end to be 24bits to be 24/44.1.