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Looking for new speakers for large audio room
TEKTON's Brand new MATRIX LS w/ 15 Beryllium tweeters. Bass you want....you'll have to tie your furniture down......Turn your music up and you could have a "new address"......check 'em out. 
Looking for new speakers for large audio room
TEKTON just intriduced the MATRIX LS @ $18,000....but you have to tie all you furniture down ....stuff starts to move around the room. 
I noticed the same harshness on my system ( $ 12,000) until the Ares 2 DAC was introduced into the mix. A good quality R2R DAC would help you and really open up the soundstage on recordings from Pink Floyd. 
Speaker pairing with AVA Set 120 Control amp
You must be the ONLY person that's ever returned a 120 SET Control Amp......Great Sound. 
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
My Denafrips Ares 2 DAC  makes my system sound like I'm there...right on stage . CD's I never play are sounding totally "alive"...My Topping doesn't do that. It also has a "phase" button that really opens the soundstage. My speakers literally disa... 
Putting an end to the audio cable debate! Part 1
I find that Pangea Digital and analog cables punch Way above their price point. Smooth...airy....and definition all for alot less than the ridicilous prices on some of the supposedly High End Cables. 
I’m in trouble
Sweetest sounding integ. amp SS A/B $2200  get the   BELLES Aria , 70 W 8 OHM   120 W 4 OHM. Made by David Belles right here in the US... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
There's a reason the Denafrips Ares 2 DAC is so widely praised by reviewers and users alike......It's Wonderful and Musical and is compared to DACs that cost 2 or 3 times the price of the Ares 2.  It's definitely a DAC you should have on your list. 
High end high quality int. amp for low level listening
At 60 db liwstening level , you are only using less than 20 watts ...if that. a $300 Schitt Lokius will do the job nicely. ......or the $150 Loki Mini+ will also work just fine.You'll EQ the lower listening levels to exactly the sound you like wit... 
Klipsch Forte ii too bright, or is it my room ?
Get a Chinese KT 88 integrated...roll in the Gold Lions and cover the floors. Reisong A20 is sweet and cheap. The Schiit EQ. will also tame them. 
The Importance of the Digital Cable
A digital coaxial cable's signal runs in one direction but a digital optical cable has no arrows on it? 
My Experience With Tekton
His wife doesn't like fire engine red speakers :>) 
Speakers for triode tube amps
My TEKTON Pendragons are 5 ft. tall and running on an 8 watt SET from China....hahaha....Live sound concert style .Awsome and don't forget to get a Denafrips Ares 2 DAC...what a combo. And very affordable. 
My Experience With Tekton
Thank you millercarbon....I will take that advice.  
My Experience With Tekton
I'm new to posting on these Hi Fi threads...it doesn't matter how many threads you have... Some people are not troublemakers and just want to share what their experiences are without being ridiculed...It's sad reading the animosity on these forums...