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Is it worth expanding into Vinyl???
I might suggest spending time with some friends who own both formats. Make an attempt to match your CDs to friends LPs and listen to them A-B. You will probably walk away from such a comparison being better informed and more than likely even more ... 
Spades or bananas connectors?
Fafafion. Agreed. "Specialty termination manufacturers are using better materials in terms of electrical conductivity, resonance control and minimizing the introduction of capacitance issues.Personally? I don't own an interconnect that doesn't use... 
Spades or bananas connectors?
Let's clear some misconceptions shall we?By: Nelson Pass"Copper and aluminum oxidize quickly and oils from our fingers find their way to the conductor surfaces, causing poor contact; so on more than one occasion the dramatic improvement provided b... 
Spades or bananas connectors?
Bared end termination. 
tube cd player with solid state amp and preamp
How about the best of both worlds......?True dual DAC, BB opamp or tubed output. Check out the "Muse 3"http://www.xindak.com/english/products/showditail.asp?id=241 
Oxymoron: High powered tube amps that stay cool
A great example is what Dussun is doing with their "Hyper Class A" variable bias circuitry. It's my understanding that they will be releasing a Pre/Power with Stand alone power supplies with 150 watts class A power.At present, they are utilizing s... 
Oxymoron: High powered tube amps that stay cool
You may want to check into some of the newer "Green" SS "Class A" amps coming out of China. Their circuit designs are actually extremely effective in terms of efficiency, yet still provide true "Non-Switching" Class A performance.I still haven't f... 
Do you use tube dampers on the super tube?
I can't provide you with first hand A/B comparisons however, a close listening buddy of mine uses Herbies dampers on his AR Reference 110. He had mentioned that the soundstage improved greatly in terms of being holographic with no significant chan... 
question about grills....
"There have been some threads here on Kitty control. John"Yeah, check out the "DOG" speaker protection thread. 
tube integrated amp recommendations?
Does coloring the edges of CD's help the sonics?
You guys BOTH need to do some homework. 
Best pro/amp combo under 3k
Here's an amp.... Pricing will allow a lot of room for a processor and many dinners out. http://www.dussun.com/english/d9.htmlhttp://www.aaa-audio.com/index-products-dussun.htmPing is the owner of AAA Audio located in Mass. 
Does coloring the edges of CD's help the sonics?
Anyone hear the new Prologue Eight CD Player?
Same response. There is a MHZS CD33 for sale on this site that throws a wider soundstage with just as much detail. I listened to the Prima Luna and purchased the MHZS. 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
"What ever happened to SLAPPY ?"Great question. He was one of our "Audio Comediologists".One way or another, he could add a light note to any thread.You out there Slappy?