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What are you all doing to modify your cds?
Ghost rider, under my user name, look up "Wash, Cut, Polish & Demagnetize". It was a pretty lengthy thread with many responses. It should give you a pretty good overall view of what everyone out there is doing. Warren, It's summer time. You kn... 
Why do people selling on E Bay "USE" Audiogon?
"Ebay this, Audiogon that". Let's face some facts. I bet if you were to look at the "good to bad transaction" relationship between AudioGon and Ebay, it wouldn't surprise me if the numbers (on a percentage basis) were close. One must also consider... 
ute-friendly speakers?
"THE CAR THAT MADE THESE MARKS HAD TO HAVE POSI-TRACTION".Ute Friendly? Isn't that like "Government Intellegence"? 
Japanese Pressing Vinyl question
C.G. Virgin vinyl is the purist, most unadulterated form of vinyl. Virgin vinyl, in it's raw form, has very little in the way of impurities. Although it is manufactured in Europe, Asia and the U.S., most audiophile record manufacturers have record... 
Checking Anti-Skate?
It almost like turning your turntable into a record lathe. I wonder if you see small vinyl shavings curling up behind the stylus while your tracking at that pressure? : ) 
Checking Anti-Skate?
Eldartford, What would that tracking weight convert to in pennies?And is there such a thing as Audiophile quality nickels? Like maybe cryo treated? : ) 
How did you get into this hobby?
Checking Anti-Skate?
Sidssp, The Wally tool IS the tool I was looking for. I can confirm every adjustment on this table except for anti-skate. Great info, Thanks.Onhwy61, The laser level was something I came up with while remodeling my house. I purchased the tool to a... 
Checking Anti-Skate?
Sidssp, I know it's not right. But at the time, it was the only method I had. That's why I'm looking for a measuring device. Does one exist? 
Checking Anti-Skate?
Onhwy61, I actually use a 360 degree rotary builders level. I place it on the rack next to the turntable, set the height of the laser to the centerline of the tonearm (at the gimbal), then raise or lower the back of the arm, setting VTA. I can the... 
How do you get past the pops and hiss of LPs?
Hey Guys, this is some pretty funny stuff. I posted on this thread back on 6/18. Back then we were talking about records and turntables. I came back after six days and it's like a blood bath.Records are cool. Been listening to em' for 35 years. Bu... 
Cleaning Records
5 minutes is nothing relative to the results you are more than likely achieving. I'm running about 3 minutes per CD. I do two at a time. I do new CDs as soon as I get in the door. If I am doing a single newly purchased CD, I also do one of my olde... 
Cleaning Records
4yanx, Excellent response. Often, I come across LPs at various antique fairs. They were generally in good shape except, they would be FILTHY. Filthy beyond what any VPI could clean. I would reluctantly pass them up. After reading your "process", I... 
No longer sitting on the fence
Rec, check this out. Written by another analog snob who now owns Audiomeca and actually prefers it over his analog rig.http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/enkianthus_e.html 
No longer sitting on the fence
If you are interested in the AA, you may also want to check into the Audiomeca. Utilizes 24/192 upsampling dacs made by Anagram. The newer models have excellent reliability. Available in Player or transport/dac combinations. Just be sure to look a...