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Speaker Cable Recommendation
For the price, I know none better than Morrow upper level of cables. I’ve owned the best Cardas and Transparent Ultra. Morrow sounded slightly better in my system at 1/3 the price. I have slowly tested then purchased speaker, interconnects, power ... 
WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection
Etheregen from UpTone Audio! made a huge difference. Changed the game for me. Ethernet cable does matter. Everything matters.   
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Many good choices. I love my Jeff Rowland Continuum S2. 
Aurender A-10
I listened to every demo of the Aurender A10 at the 2016 Rocky Mtn Audio Festival (three different setups). I really wanted to buy it before I attended the event, thinking it would simplify my system. I came away from the auditions believing that ... 
Best USB cable +/- $500
Thank you for your posts. My USB cable search is over. Did quite a bit of research, but in this price range it is impossible for me to audition much as I did in the $100 range.Ridge Street was a bit too high priced for me. Anyway, bought the Revel... 
Best digital interconnect under 300 used
I have not listened to the three on your list but just did a shootout with the Stereovox xv2 ultra and the Kimber D-60 and was surprised that the Kimber easily knocked off the Stereovox. Both cables were well broken in. I too had done a lot of Aud... 
Opus 21 CD vs Mac Mini... Opus wins
Thanks for all the help. I will try upgrading my cables and see where I stand with the sound.One interesting note... I discovered that the M-audio solo has the option to have it plugged in or unplugged (passive). It seems to be a touch cleaner and... 
Opus 21 CD vs Mac Mini... Opus wins
Heymikey, or others, any suggestions on upgrading firewire? I looked at a couple of well known audio cable manufacturers and they don't seem to offer upgraded firewire cables. 
Opus 21 CD vs Mac Mini... Opus wins
Very interesting. The comment that I have introduced three links in the chain is true and may be a contributing factor to degrading the sound (M-Audio unit, Digital SPDIF cable - Canare Digiflex Gold, and the 'out of the box' Firewire cable). Thre... 
power amp question
What is your other gear? Can't really answer your question without knowing that. 
Audio Electronic Supply AES/Cary AE3 MkII preamp
I owned the AE-3 DJH signature preamp and was thinking of upgrading to the MK II and Kevin Deal advised me that the DJH was still a superior preamp for purity. It's the best $1500 I ever spent on my system. However, it only has three inputs and on... 
Krell FPB 300cx vs Jeff Rowland 501's?
Wow! That is quite a statement that you prefer the capri to the ARC Ref 3 considering the Capri is about $5,000 cheaper on the used market. Was your preference given with or without the Rowland A.C. filter? 
Krell FPB 300cx vs Jeff Rowland 501's?
Thank you all for some great information. It is very helpful. Maybe I should keep the Krell (Raquel, I have a 30 amp dedicated AC line that seems to serve the amp very well).Maybe, I should ask a follow up question regarding the Krell... How does ... 
Resolution Audio Opus21 cabling options
Go with the DIN cable. It is audibly better. It will have more clarity and punch. I use the Audience cable as well. My Opus 21 has the reference GNSC modification and I'm not sure I would spend the money to modify it if I had it to do again. 
Why LCD and Plasma? 37
Tvad, I will begin by saying I am NOT a videophile. However, I spent considerable time investigating before buying a plasma TV. I replaced a 32" XBR CRT. I chose the Pioneer 1080p plasma because of how it dealt with Standard Definition programing ...