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Most achingly-beautiful music
Copland, Gershwin, Louis Armstrong, Rogers & Hammerstein (and several others) should be required listening in grade school since their music is such a part of our national character. Make civics, a foreign language, and art/music appreciation ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
three diverse selections off the top of my head:Beethoven Symphonies No. 4 & 6 (Pastorale), Bruno Walter, Columbia Symphony OrchestraCrossing the Waters, Steve Schuch & The Night Heron Consortand yes, Joni Mitchell's Blue (o: 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Old Subaru Forester with over 190K miles and just routine tire rotations/alignment and oil/filter changes (o: 
Looking for opinions on Cambridge DACmagic DAC
I've been using the new DacMagic with my Sony ES CDP for two + months and am quite pleased. I leave it fixed on the "linear" filter setting. Although I'd like to have the budget for a Benchmark DAC, that's not feasible. I always keep in mind on Au... 
Need advice for my Jolida 302BRC
The latest JD302BRC comes stock from Jolida with the upgrades many owners of older 302's are paying extra for. If I were buying a 302 today, I'd get the JD302BRC. The word from Jolida is that the price of the JD302BRC will be rising soon. If you w...