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Top 5 Hamburgers
Bongo,Fatburger was decent in late 80's/early 90's - they must be gone or crap now cause no one ever mentions them anymore. more credit from the liquor store 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Rcprince,Next visit hit The Pantry for breakfast, a hot dog at Pinks, and dinner at Musso & Franks. Those wouldn't rate on the L.A. haute foodie scale, but you'd sure have done your part for old L.A. If you can imagine it, L.A.'s probably got it. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
L.A.'s still got plenty of the old school eateries and eateries. House of Pies comes to mind. Plenty of those crappy diners like you see in Pulp Fiction. Oh Los Feliz, how I miss thee - The Greek Theater, Griffith Park, the traffic, the air quality.. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Bongofury"Apple Pan is great."Like Musso & Frank's it's a time capsule. When I lived in La La land we would go there for the atmosphere. I don't think the food is anything special, and I've had most everything on their menu. I read somewhere t... 
Best SACD's
Gaucho on DVD-A ++++Many Blu's are to die for:Checkout Beck at Ronnie Scotts on Blu-ray. Nice indeed.SACD ain't the only hi-rez choice. 
Luxman L505u . . . why not?
..and the calliope plays as the merry-go-round turns round and round. 
It's the Room, Stupid
Also hard to overcome crappy source material as I discovered in a dedicated audio room hidden away off LA's Sunset Boulevard brimming with the best Mark Levinson gear of its time. 
Best SACD's
Just because a disc is SACD doesn't mean it's that great. I have many, many SACD's and some are very good and some aren't. I have exchanged emails with a half dozen or so audiophiles who prefer the popular Allison Krause Live CD over the uber expe... 
RCA and XLR shorting plugs??
Correct. An expense way to keep the dust out. Cardas has a video about the caps that is a gas. Reminds me of the three cup trick. Put the ball under one and move the cups around. Now, which one hides the ball? Dude! 
Is Kind of Blue the Best Jazz Album Ever
Why not just ask, "Is Kind of Blue the most representative or widely accepted Jazz recording?"You know, many worship Brubeck's Time Out just as much.I love the opiate-enriched Anita O'Day signing Sweet Georgia Brown as much as the above, but I'm b... 
Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 for music / HT use...?
Crash, Boom, Pow, Bam - the sticky multiplex sound explosion experience continues its bleed into Hi-Fi. Some call it A/V. An acronym for "aggressive vibration"? I know, I know - you all have two single purpose systems. Yada Yada. p.s: Harbethian's... 
New CD player or DAC?
If the Yami is running good, add a Dac. 
How much budget for bass?
I prefer primary speakers which do not require bass augmentation (I'm talking non-A/V systems here), and there are many to choose from. G-o-o-d bass? Too many have been weaned on exaggerated bass such as that dreadful sound in cineplexes (yes, the... 
What has been your most satisfying component?
Tivoli radio 
Oppo on the inside and Lexicon out,you decide.
At least the name is kinda truthful: Lexi-con.How about audio cables selling for 10 times + the cost of materials and labor to build them (the extra mark-up is for research and marketing costs - right?)Money to burn? Haiti relief organizations can...