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Newbie amp help......why?
go visit a local hi end dealer!!!! 
CD Player with digital input?
Simaudio Supernova CD player 
What's your profession? Age?
I run a copy machine distributorship. 35 years old. Married. No kids. 
ASL Explorer 805 DE/JM Lab Alto Utopia combo????
Thanks, guys. My main concern was when this amp would "run out of gas". I chose this one over the Monsoon or Hurricane amps(both are @2000 used) because it is SET. I am not too familiar with the Rogue M-120 other than just what I have read on Agon... 
How much does your system retail for?
The day before KATRINA...$38,000 in gear, $20,000 in media.The day after KATRINA...$0.00 in gear, $0.00 in media.2 years later...$45,000 in gear, @ $10,000 in media. 
New Orleans, La.
I am in Hahnville (Luling/Boutte). 35 years old. Have JM Lab Alto Utopia/Mac amps/Nordost/Simaudio Supernova/RG Power Company/Loaded VPI Scoutmaster/Argo i.Concert begins nightly at 7 pm.I have not been to a meeting of audio club yet.Anyone is wel... 
Rogue Zeus Amp - Anyone heard this?
Very powerful--225 a side if I am correct--and conservatively rated. I used one on loan while my MAC was being repaired and it never ran out of gas!!! It is a great amp IMHO!Pepe 
Tubes and forced air cooling ...
I believe the new ARC REF 110 has fans. 
Has anyone heard the Pathos InTheGroove MkII ?
I too am looking for some info or feedback on this pre. I like its features on paper and the fact that it is battery powered.Pepe 
New Member - please help me build a rig
Thanks again for the responses. I finally have a few minutes to get online this morning, which is a welcome change from drying out a house submerged in flood water for the last 5 days. It looks as though the metro area(New Orleans) will rebuild a ... 
New Member - please help me build a rig
Thanks for the responses. I will address this topic again in about 6 months as my life has just been turned upside down by Katrina--I live in New Orleans. Thanks again,Pepe Lafourcade