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Custom Builder For P/P Power Pentode Amplifier
Contact Richard Gray of Richard Grays Power Company. He custom builds amps. His daily business is on Jefferson Hwy. in Metairie/Jefferson, is called National TV Repair....don't let the name fool you. Call 411 for the number. He is there t... 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
Whacko Jacko....aka Michael Jackson. 
Best rock song of all times
As far as a raw rock and roll tune goes...."can't you hear me knocking"--Stones 
The new "Europe '72"
Amen to Donna taking the night off. She is the reason I don't listen to much of the '70s Dead.Her yodeling is dreadful. 
Best Rock Album in 2011
I can't seem to take My Morning Jacket's "Circuital" off the 'table!! 
Sim Audio question...
The # for SIMAUDIO is 877-980-2400. Press 9 for English and then press 3 for sales. Ask for small pucks that go under equipment.It is that easy. 
Sim Audio question...
Kb...if the original poster is smart enough to afford sim gear and smart enough to figure out how to post on forums, then he can well call Sim and order a set of pucks which were designed for his piece of gear (if he bought it used and it did not ... 
What is your most beautiful component?
Audio Resea...just kidding. 
Sim Audio question...
You don't need a wooden platform or pennies. ALL SIM GEAR COMES WITH SMALL DISKS/PUCKS!!!They work just fine. 
Sim Audio question...
All Sim gear comes with very small disks/cups. I use an evolution CD player on a clear acrylic rack with no problems. 
? about oppo
Sounds like Sthomas12321 needs to take some of the money he made from the sale of his Ayre gear and invest in some Q-tips. 
mcintosh mcd-1100 vs ayon cd5s, audio aero cpdplay
Please keep in mind that Audiofreakgeek is a dealer and currently has AA gear for sale here. His comment should be fully discredited.He needs to disclose this info...this is not the first time this has come up. 
What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?
More Today Than Yesterday.....The Spiral Starecase 
2 Channel Amp for Surrounds: Need Recommendations
Adcom GFA-535....$400 when new in 1992. 2x60 watts. Solid piece with some weight to it. I owned one with a white faceplate ($50 extra). Adcom also made a Mark II version. You may also try the Adcom 545 and 555 amps. 
2 Channel Amp for Surrounds: Need Recommendations
Try a used Adcom, Rotel, or NAD. You probably don't need more than 60-80 watts for the rear and can get those amps here on the Gon for well under $500. Also, every once in a while I see a '90's era Sony TA-N55 ES amp for a few hundred bucks. This ...