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Hansen King V2 / TAD M1 / YG Studio Reference .
Extremely High-End "Pre-Pro" Surround Pre-Amp grandmother used to say..." if you don't have anything nice to say about someone/ something....come sit by me"!!! 
5.1 small speaker recommendations
Zu Audio...they now have a matching 5 channel set up and some pretty snazzy wood stain offerings. They are very efficient and can play loud for theater. 
Best 5.1 McIntosh separates
Again, champagne taste on a beer budget!!Cary tube amps are not inexpensive. I believe the v12/i/r amps at 120/60 watts still command at least $1500+, and those have not been current for some 4-5 years. And that only gets you a stereo amp. You wil... 
Extremely High-End "Pre-Pro" Surround Pre-Amp
Kal, just curious...why no comment on Sim? 
Best 5.1 McIntosh separates
It will cost you $600+ just to retube a Mac amp. Maybe look at Proceed or Lexicon or Anthem or Rotel separates. You may be able to get a good 5.1/7.1 pre pro and a warm sounding 5 channel amp combo here on the Gon.As far as Mac goes, I would forge... 
A bit overwhelmed, need preamp advice
3rd the Modwright!! 
Extremely High-End "Pre-Pro" Surround Pre-Amp
How about the McIntosh MX150? MSRP 12,000...has all the latest and greatest audio and video features. 
Extremely High-End "Pre-Pro" Surround Pre-Amp
Simaudio Evolution line...prepro runs about $25k or so and is fully balanced. Sims evolution line for two channel is the cat's meow, however it is not inexpensive. 
Is preamp remote volume a deal breaker for you?
In a word...yes 
Acoustic Zen Crescendo or Sony SS-AR1
Sorry audiooracle, but Audiofeil is should disclose. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Punted the '08 E60/N54 (535i)....205,000 miles!!!Replaced it with a 2012 Audi A7. 
Mcintosh MC500 or Accuphase P800
Who in the hell mated a Mac 1000 watt amp with Acapella horns?? 
Most significant upgrade
Table and arm. 
accuphase compare to mcintosh
Is that the same NASA that blew up two space shuttles??