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How many electrons?
One hundred million billion trillion zillion.....or maybe just seven.Pepe 
accuphase compare to mcintosh
Thenis,Be aware that Stanwal has about a hundred anti Mac posts here on agon. I think Mac pissed in his cornflakes and he has never gotten over it. 
Where R U?????
New Orleans, LA 
How awesome is the McIntosh MC501?
There goes Stanwal with another anti Mac comment... 
Perfect Debute Albums
Christopher Cross...swept the Grammys that year if I remember correctly.pepe 
McIntosh Preamp Decision...C26 or C504
Bababondoman,The current c2300 at $6k has balanced ins and outs and it is not a "truly" balanced pre amp. You must jump to the 2 chassis c500 to get "truly" balanced.pepe 
My TT "wish list"
Vpi scout 
Which amp for Cary SLP 05
Everything is available in your area. There is not much on this earth that can't be delivered to your front door. 
What speakers should I audition w/ a Mcintosh ma2
JM Lab/Focal...I use Utopias with MC501 amps. 
Tube pre-amp upgrade from Mcintosh C2300
I put late '50's vintage RCA's in my c2300....WOW!!! 
Funk Essentials - Under The Radar
Papa Grows FunkGalactic (early)Trombone ShortyBonerama 
Songs that Inspire or Move you
Space Wrangler.....Widespread Panic.....Bell and Houser back in 1988 on the debut LP...the title track is a tune I could hear daily and never tire of! 
Which turntables? Mac stack is bigger than your Vac stack... 
Best Towers Under $1500 for beginner system
Focal Electra 926 or 936. You may find them here for $1500 sometimes. They were $4200/$6500 respectively when new about 5 years ago. They will allow you to hit it hard when you want to. I had them before moving into Utopia line. 
McIntosh MC501 vs Wyred SX1000
The 501's will drive many loudspeakers well.