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how to clean brushed aluminum faceplate?
Hydrochloric acid will take the gunk right off! 
What SPL is music typically recorded at?
Rebirth Brass Band - in LA last night
They are the real deal!pepe 
Great 16 ohm Full Range loudspeakers
Duke, I will be at RMAF in October. what will you be driving your speakers with?Pepe 
What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1? you are really fired up over a $799 piece of gear!! 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Maria Muldair 
Leaving iTunes in 24/96?
You can spend $300 on switches automatically. There is also a remote app for iPad that allows it to be used as a track pad remote and has a program for Amarra...pretty cool! 
iPad as a music server?
My camera kit is on backorder. I will try on iPad when it comes in. Has anyone tried iPad into Wadia dock?Pepe 
Modwrights NEW KWA-100 Se Amplifier
I wonder how long till you get pounced on for hocking your gear as a dealer here in the forum? 
Lively and Dynamic SS Preamp...
McIntosh c2300...$6k new or $4200 here on the Gon.It has 3 lines balanced. Also has great MM and MC stages. 
Class A watts vs Class A/B watts
87db...2.5 ohms...high volume levels as the evening wears on...on 30 watts??? Watts is watts and it sounds like you already know this but want to be talked into the Accuphase amp. Well, I can't recommend it...go with the MacPepe 
McIntosh vs. Accuphase
LFA is a "super car" costing upwards of $440,000. A new Z0-1 slightly modded will push 700 bhp, cost about $130,000, and still take the LFA. Only problem is you are in a cheezy vette! 
Suggest upgrade from c2300 phono stage
Bob & Macdadtexas,What cartridges are you using? I currently really like my Lyra, but I want to take it up a notch. I would not be surprised to see the Titan get a facelift like the lower end carts recently got with the new cantilever design. ... 
How to accomodate a balanced only phono stage ?
Phono carts are all balanced by design...just get adapter from rca to xlr. 
VPI Classic
Change the cartridge...