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Basic switch....should I upgrade?
@fredrik222 seems to be the only one who knows what he is talking about. An Ethernet switch either works completely & flawlessly or fails miserably.  There is no in between.  Since cheapish switches are designed to mostly work in 1 gigabit ra... 
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
Try Sandy Gross's GoldenEar technology Triton series active speakers.  I personally do not have them since they were above my budget but during my own search for speakers I had listened to them and they sounded absolutely fantastic. Furthermore..... 
What are we objectivists missing?
"if you can hear a difference, there must be some difference" The above statement misses one crucial point.  It is the difference between what you ACTUALLY hear and what you THINK you hear.  99% of the audiophile world falls into the latter categ... 
What type of wire for dedicated 20A AC lines?
You will be fine with a standard 20 amp romex wire (about 12-14awg), unless you are running hundreds of feet of it. 10 awg is fine also but not really necessary.  Also, note that the wire starts becoming 'mechanically' difficult to work with, as i... 
Changing electrolytics
Since you are saying "Big Electrolytics", you are most likely changing the filter capacitors of the power supply.  For those: - Buy the ones with the HIGHEST temperature rating. - Buy the ones with the HIGEST lifetime rating. - Buy the ones with ... 
Is there a DAC ranking list?
Go for the Chord Qutest at about $1500 - $1800.  At that price, it is unbeatable.    
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
One of the BEST for the money = Chord Qutest And if you want to spend RIDICULOUS amounts of money = dcs Bartok  
Need some Cart recommendations, $300 - $700 (New/Used) range…warm, full, yet great def.
I have a Nagaoka MP500 and it sounds superb.  
Too Much Power
If you choose an amp with a lot of reserve power, the advantages you will get are: - Ability to handle a lot of extra dynamic headroom.  With today's digital sources, it is possible sometimes to get about 120 - 144 db of dynamic headroom.  If you... 
Too many choices for R2R DACS--opinions appreciated
Get the Chord Electronics Qutest or if you have the budget, the Dave.  They use specialized FPGAs and are better than R2R DACs.  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
Orchard Audio KingKrimson Ultra. They use GaN FETS and hence have almost  immeasurably low THD & noise.  
Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
I built my power amp using the Neurochrome 686 units using a 1000 VA medical grade transformer and 4 x 51,000uF 100V 18,000 hrs at 85C of filter capacitance using 160 amp bridge rectifiers, which has about 0.6 volts fwd V drop so that their heat g... 
What does a subwoofer solve?
A subwoofer compensates for a human ear’s reduced sensitivity to the bass frequencies as demonstrated by the Fletcher & Munson curves.... as was the 'loudness' control of the older vintage amplifiers.    
most beautiful (looking) speakers
B&W Nautilus  
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
DACs DO make a difference in sound. However, as with anything else in the audio world, it follows the path of diminishing returns. A $20,000 DAC does NOT usually sound 10 times better than a $2,000 DAC. Get a Chord Qutest at around $2000 (one o...