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Best 845 tube out there?
DavidSailor, I use Pearl tube coolers on my 845 SET monoblocks. I noticed that the upper midrange / lower treble is smoother with the coolers.Also, plate temperature has dropped 20 degrees Celsius ( I use a Fluke infrared temperature meter), so I ... 
Audivarna Plus
I agree 100%. Audirvana's SQ is outstanding.Memory play, Hog mode and control over iTunes do make a difference.Also, it is fairly simple to set up and operate. The settings suggested in the installation manual are a great starting point. 
Cartridge upgrade for $600
In general, I hear a certain lack of dynamics / punch with high-output Mc cartridges, as compared to top-tier MM or MI cartridges (Grado, Garrott, Clearaudio). I hope this helps, if dynamic range is a priority. 
CAL Supermash module
Ginov, I suggest that you contact Approved Audio Services (860) 567.5801, they are an authorized service center for CAL and may be able to supply schematics or the parts needed.Best wishes 
Tubes 5963
HP tubes are usually very well matched (triode to triode) and noise-free.Try them, you may like the results. The nearest equivalent tube is 12AU7. 
mundorf silver oil in bpt conditioner
Mundorf's 800V Silver/oil cap is good for 425 VAC (see pictures at, so the 1000V caps should be pretty safe.In fact I break in Mundorf SIO caps by connecting them to a fused outlet for 2-4 weeks.No worries, mate. 
Audio aero capitole mk2 as a DAC
HiThe xplanation is simple: most digital sources./transports connected through a coax or USB cable will have jitter levels one level of magnitude higher than the internal Philips Pro transport.I hear a flat soundstage with USB sources and lots of ... 
CAL Supermash module
I suggest that you set aside the MASH module, It is based on 1 bit technology, meaning that it is dynamically challenged. Music sounds bland and boring, at least to my ears.Your INDUS module is based on the PCM-63 chipset, a great-sounding DAC tha... 
Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing
I found it on 
Faster alternative to the ASR Emitter?
Wilsynet, I do not understand your aggressive post. Any gripes ?I did not write that I am a compulsive tweaker. I did only ONE tweak to the ASR amp, listened to it for several weeks and found it worthwhile.The ground wire is required by the op-amp... 
Theta Miles or new MF M1 CDT CD as transport
HiThe Theta Miles is based on a long-discontinued Pioneer transport, the Stable Platter technology.Transports and lasers do wear out.I suggest that you choose a transport made with readily available parts, e.g. those based on the Philips CD-Pro 2 ... 
Psvane Teflon capacitors real or fakes?
I wold like to point out that besides not having a Teflon dielectric, the Psvane cap foils are made of an alloy that is 99% pure at the most (two nines)."Beryllium copper (BeCu), also known as copper beryllium, beryllium bronze and spring copper, ... 
MAC palldium ic vs. RS cables palladium ic ???
I have no experience with either brand. I used to make plenty of DIY cables and tried palladium twice, with god connectors, Cardas solder, proper shielding and so on. I do not care for palladium's sound quality, there is something missing, like an... 
bizarre speaker connections....
Hi, the hook-up looks familiar.If your mini-system is branded Nakamichi, the two extra wires carry DC for the power amplifiers, which are built into the speakers. 
Anyone replaced Fuse with Circuit Breaker?
Circuit breakers are slightly inductive and usually have a higher internal resistance than the equivalent fast-blow fuse. If in doubt, do a search for data sheets, e.g. a Bussman fuse as compared to a circuit breaker. For example, a 500 mA circuit...