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Need help buying new speaker cable
If you like your current cables have them refitted.Otherwise, all the brands mentioned our reputable. All cables including power, speaker and interconnects are important and there are vast differences between them if one knows what to listen for a... 
When are people going to wake up and realize listening is a skill?
@ozzy62 No. The speakers were the same as well, so was the amp. In this instance I was considering a pre amp. There was not a demo available. As previously stated, for the most part I demo in home.  I have found that when spending 5 figures for eq... 
When are people going to wake up and realize listening is a skill?
Been doing this about 13 years now. If I cannot bring it home and demo it in my room I don’t buy it.In the case where a demo has not been available, I have taken my speaker cables with me to the dealer and tried to simulate my current set up. This... 
When are people going to wake up and realize listening is a skill?
Enjoyed the post MC. Listening is a learned skill either by reading about it, listening to what others experience  or by your own experience. Being a musician really helps as well.It is unfortunate some people cannot get past their own financial s... 
Ultrasonic LP Cleaning vs. “Thread Type” Cleaning (Keith Monks/Loricraft/etc.)
Clearaudio Double Matrix - worth every penny  
Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
Class D sucks 
What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?
Cables and interconnects can and do make a significant difference. Anyone saying different is either deaf or just doesn’t have the resources to purchase same. Period 
Favorite cable brand.
Kimber Select 
Suggestion for Audiogon Forums
Love the back and forth with anything audiophile related. Eliminate the politics entirely. 
Which amplifier should i buy
I would combo a SS amp with a tube preamp. My suggestion: SimAudio 760 and a ARC 28SE. $19,000 for both 
What phono preamp are you using?
McIntosh 1100 with Hana Umami 
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
Terry9Agree that the political crap specifically regarding spending money is intolerable. People make what they make and spend what they spend. Therefore listen to what they listen too. Personally think it is great when people join the effort.  
Esoteric E-02 or SimAudio 810LP
I’m wondering the same thing as I have heard and been told by several people that the 810 and 820 power supply is an awesome combination 
The only person that can decide if Wilson’s are worth the money is you. I believe they are. I also believe that Sonus Faber, MBL and Vandersteen are. But ultimately their worth is a function of how they sound to you. It certainly isn’t a function ...