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Why are digital streaming equipment manufacturers refusing to answer me?
@millercarbonOne of my good friends recently became an audiophile and has finally agreed that the most important variable is actually what you hear not what science tries to prove.  
The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D
NAD 33. Decent but not a Simaudio ACE or NAIM Uniti. Same money or less, much better sound  
Most hyped turntable, tonearm, and cartridge?
Rega is a great solution. I have a Planar 8 and it is stellar sounding and easy to set up 
Step me up from Paradigm Studio 20 v4 bookshelf, seriously.
JbmacParadigm Prestige 75F. I have a pair with 300 hours on them and will sell to you if like? Great speakers! 
Warm up time for record playing
If you have a tube phono preamp, 30-45 minutes is ideal.  
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Rega Planar 8 
Negotiate good price
Anymore then 10% off retail at  a private dealer and you are just being cheap and disrespectful. If you aren’t prepared to pay without some cheap line like “can you match Audiogon”. My opinion but that is just disrespectful. They have a business t... 
Advice on CD transport
AudioLab 6000CDT for $549! Cannot beat it!! 
Replacement of Cary CD player
Simaudio 260D without the DAC  
Best options for active speakers $4k or below?
Paradigm Prestige 85F 
Are all Audiophiles masocists?
I own and play several trumpets. I own and listen to several systems. Listening is the key to life. Listen, understand and learn... 
Integrated brand choice -- Simaudio, Hegel or Mark Levinson?
Simaudio 600i or 700i 
Choosing an Amplifier to go with Spendor D7
Simaudio 760A (Or either of their integrated) or Luxman 
Integrated amp suggestions.
Simaudio or Luxman  
Margin on speaker sales by high end dealer
The point of any business is to make money. The margin is fairly high in this business but the products are also generally high quality and if your dealer is good it should be a good investment.