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Looking to improve my system
Different streamer. I suggest the Simaudio 680D which has an awesome DAC. Also consider the Nordost QX4 it is very good at aiding in instrument separation and adding depth or blackness to the sound.adding a better turntable isn’t a bad idea either... 
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
@kennyc I figured that if I found a speaker I love, then it’s possible to recreate that sound as long as I do my part by surrounding it with supporting components and maybe room conditionsI agree, that is the art form.  
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
Pairing Emotiva to the Persona series, I would try some upper echelon AudioQuest cables or Nordost Norse series, Frey 2 or TYR 2. 
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
I also owned the Persona B bookshelf. While I agree the series can be a bit bright, it can be paired to sound absolutely outstanding. Well worth the money! Very transparent and detailed 
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
I have the 3 F and I paired them with Simaudio 760A and Nordost TYR 2 speaker cable. Incredible and not harsh  
Explain what is a clean power amplifier?
Nordost QX4. Enough said. 
New Turntable Direction
Rega Planar 10 
Audio rack
@twoleftears I would spend up to $3000 
Audio rack
@lalitk thanks much, appreciate it! 
Looking for "perfect" streamer....
i@soundchsrPaid $8500 for 780D worth every pennyp 
PS Audio BHK lacking..
PS Audio lacks... 
Stereophile complains it's readers are too informed.
Buy what you like hearing. Measurements are measurements. Ratings are ratings. Neither of them are a convincing factor. The only convincing factor is what you hear... 
Looking for "perfect" streamer....
Simaudio 780D V2 OR 680D V2 
Emotional rollercoaster
Trust what YOU  actually hear and spend accordingly 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Steely Dan and Arnold Bax