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Whats on your turntable tonight?
.A great Sunday afternoon of listening:.Harry James - Comin’ From a Good Place - Sheffield Lab # LAB-6 – A large, large warm grin . Rushton, give this one a try as well ..Diana Krall - “The Very Best of Diana Krall” - Verve - 2 LP set - What a... 
Any new record cleaning products?
.Paul,.I have gotten terrific and the best results to date using the AI 4 - step system (I have not tried the Walker system). The AI system's results that I have gotten are dramatically better than when I was using either RRL or Disc Doctor produc... 
Cardas Burn-In LP
.Arch7,.Here is a link to one of Doug's recent postings that includes a step by step cartridge/arm set up of starting with zero Anti-Skate finding the VTF and then coming back to working on the Anti skate.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ea... 
zyx universe cartr.- ideal weight -ideal vta ,
.Doug,.Nice post (as always)..Rgds,Larry. 
Teres still the way to go?
.Nick,.Congratulations - I feel quite sure that you will love the sound from your new Teres TT..Please do let us know when you get it up and running and how it sounds..Rgds,Larry. 
Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?
.Thomas,.Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience and pass along your recommendations..Rgds,Larry. 
Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?
.Rush,.Sorry, I missed answering your question. My main focus is Classical, followed by Jazz and Classic Rock..My original post was directed towards finding outstanding recordings/performance with a lean towards Classical music (Orchestral, Concer... 
Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?
.Rush,.Great recommendations....Thanks for taking all of the time to put all of it in writing. .It's greatly appreciated. I will be diving in and start picking some of your recommendations..Thanks / Regards,Larry. 
Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?
.Thomashesig,.Thanks for the input. What do you (or anyone else, please chime in) consider to be the best of the best of Classic Records catalogue..Thanks/Rgds,Larry. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
.Pat,.It is hard to believe that is two years has gone by so quickly. We frequently have you in our thoughts and prayers and miss you..Barb,.I hope you are doing well..Warmest Regards,Larry. 
Pure Vinyl Software
.Jkalman,.What does the Tascam cost and where is the best place to get it ?.Thanks /Larry. 
Lotus cleaning system oxygenated water for LP's?
.Pbb,.Sadly, you expounding upon that of which have not a clue...and neither does your venerable Roy Gandy..If you have not spent a good amount of time doing comparisons with cleaning methods (including the better cleaning solutions, RCM's and pos... 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
.Crem1,.Thanks for the tip on the Perfection Hand Steamer..Try using Grade 1 water in your steamer (especially for the last cleaning/rinse in lieu of the Peak Water and see what you get.....Rgds,Larry. 
Moving Magnet Vs. Moving Coil
.Rlawry,.Nicely stated.....Rgds,Larry. 
Best rack for non-suspension turntable?
.Tbg,.Have you heard a Minus K in your system and done a direct comparison between the Minus K and the Halcyonics ?.If not in your system, have you heard both devices compared in the same system at the same time under the same piece of equipment ?...