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How to best isolate TT from vibration?
Magic Diamond vs Airtight PC1?
Henisferik,.Thanks for taking the time to share your initial impressions of the PC-1..Please do keep us updated as it breaks in..Thanks/Rgds,Larry. 
Vintage vinyl or new reissues?
Balanced in phono stages preamp?
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
.Nate,.Thanks for refreshing Pat's thread. .Pat comes into my mind often and I really miss the chance to pick up the phone to call him and talk with him. I always enjoyed those conversations....Music, Equipment, and Politics..Rgds,Larry. 
What Makes a Good RIAA or Line Stage?
.Thom, Great thread..Doug, Nice acceptance speech..Nick, Thoughful and appreciated post...I hope it resonates with a few people..Rgds,Larry. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
.Louis Armstrong - “Satchmo Plays King Oliver” 45rpm Audio Fidelity reissue – Special two sided pressing – Classic Records .what a performance what a recording.Willie Nelson – “ Stardust” – Columbia Half Speed MasteredHC-45305 .great recor... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Oregon,."Blind Faith, It's A Beautiful Day and Jethro Tull and Delanie and Bonnie"..Have not thought about "Bonnie & Delanie for years....Thanks for the reminder of all 4 groups. I think I will drag out my "It's a Beautiful Day" Lp out for a l... 
Vibraplane vs. Minus k for Turntables
.Ken,.Thanks for sharing your thought process in deciding to get the Minus k. I am leaning towards getting the Minus KWS-3M Vibration Isolation Workstation for my upcoming 220 lb Teres Table. The work station sits at 29 inches high and solves my p... 
new loricraft user / solutions questions
.Sleeve City ( 866-380-4168.... http://www.sleevetown.com) is a great source with excellent prices for inner sleves and outer Cover Jackets..I have had the best luck by far with the MFSL's inner paper covered poly sleeves. The MFSL letters printed... 
Turntable Suggestions
.Attilasimon,.Are you including the cost of the Tonearm and Cartridge in your budget of under $ 2,000.00 for a Turntable ?.Rgds,Larry. 
Stockfisch Records
Pawlowski6132,.Have you heard the David Roth's "Pearl Diver" LP on Stockfisch ?.Simply stunning recording and great music..Rgds,Larry. 
Looking for reviews of Zyx Airy 3 silver vs copper
.Cericson,.Good decision going with the Copper....Enjoy it..If budget allows, change your order for a UNIverse..Rgds,Larry. 
Raven One
.Emailists,.I have heard the Raven AC with a Schroeder reference and it sounds heavenly..I have another friend that has just replaced his Platine Verdier with a Raven AC (also a Schroeder Reference) and he is over the moon with the improvement the... 
Looking for reviews of Zyx Airy 3 silver vs copper
.What tonearm, table and pre-amp are you using ?.Rgds,Larry.