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Tranfiguration Orpheus description
.Andrew,.Congratulations on getting to a good place with the Tranny. It's nice to hear someone so happy with their system..Rgds,Larry. 
New Record Sounds Like Crap - How???
.Pawlowski,.Here is another vote for using the combination of Premier and Vinyl-Zyme followed by a final cleaning..I think owning both (although, Premier is quite expensive) and experimenting with using the combination on problematic records. .I a... 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
Well, it is not a “Fray”..What we have here is a failure to communicate..Doug was foolish enough to listen to me when we talked before he posted his notes here when I said, “you should go ahead and write what you heard and observed. It is the righ... 
Different Anitskate for Rock vs. Classical
.Porziob,.To whom are you referring ?.Rgds,Larry. 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
.Doug,.Nice post. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do into all of the detail and explanations..Rgds,Larry. 
The end of Audio Intelligent ...
.Paul,.Thanks for all of your efforts to elevate the quality of our ability to enjoy music. I am sorry to see you not be able to continue a project that you really enjoyed. .Best of Luck and Thanks..Rgds,Larry. 
Arm and MC transformer to match ZYX Air3 cartridge
.Eric,.The Airy3 is a great cartridge, but it did not do well with the 2.2 in my system. It was not pleasant sounding at all. The 2.2 does not seem to be able to control the Airy3 nearly as well the Tri-Planar was able to do, which the Tri-Planar ... 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
.Mark,.It wasn't that the UNIverse did not like the 2.2, it just liked the Tri-Planar and the Schroder much, much better..I suggest you turn off the lights at your house on Halloween entirely to be able to save all you can so that you can start bo... 
Bad experience with ZYX AIRY 3
.Darkmoebius,.The Lenco sounds like a great way to go. I have a friend who is quite happy with his Lenco paired with a Tri-Planar arm (he has both a UNIverse and a Dynavector XV1-S cartridges)and loves them both). He does give a slight edge to his... 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Arm and MC transformer to match ZYX Air3 cartridge
.Eric,.I think, depending on budget that a Tri-Planar or a Schroder Reference would be two of the best picks to match up with an Airy3..I would urge you to go with the SB / Copper coiled version of the Airy3. .If budget would allow, the UNIverse S... 
Bad experience with ZYX AIRY 3
.Darkmoebius,.How did your experiment of adding 4 grams of Blue Tac to the headshell ever work out for you with your Fuji ?.Rgds,Larry. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
.Steve,.Thanks, I emailed Mick 3 days ago and have been waiting to hear back from him..I don't think it is tube related (see my post above)..Rgds,Larry. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
.Rushton,.Thanks for the tip on the Petrouchka. I will try to track it down..I totally agree with your appraisal of Eva Cassidy's "Songbird". What a delight she is and such a pity to have lost her so young..Thanks/Rgds,Larry.