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Poor Man's "Super-Speaker" System
Since this started from LFT'S being ground zero, I bet a few of you already saw me post about buying just one pair of the LFT8's. Doug Is one pair really great, and just gets better with another ? And also I will be using a HSU Research 12V sub wi... 
Help with vertical Bi-Amping
thanks guys, guess I wasnt thinkin far enough outside of the box, by the way how complex are active crossovers, and what all is involced with speakers, do you need to Dig inside of speakers and change the internal crossovers? thanks again Chad 
DVD Player.....I am stumped.....
Hi, I set it up as bitstream, no pcm downsampling, my rotel reads to 192K , no compression, this was not a DTS movie, but when I was still thinkin I could fix it, I turned it off to be safe, Samsung never heard of it (ofcourse) and I am screwed be... 
How to improve XM Radio audio quality?
The best way to improove XM's sound is to scrap half of the useless channels, and wait they are adding more! great right???? WRONG the more channels the more the signal loss, and untill they change some technology, the more they add may seem good ... 
Worst remote nomination...
My vote would be my lost one! probably some puppyf**ker stole it from me 
Our we Lazy?
I just meant in general, its a bad choice of words, if we all love music, thats what this is all about, I just read too many topics that I feel are insulting to many other people, im not attacking anyone, just in general. 
Our we Lazy?
Calling people who uses SS amps as "lazy audiophiles" like Ciscome did is Arrogant and immature, I guess to each his own, but Lazy? thats just stupid. 
Legacy Audio
My father has them, and he studied pipe organ in college and he has over 20,000 point is he is very musical and critical, and he loves them, he also has the complete 7.1 HT , all Legacy...except for a 15' definitive tech sub. 
Our we Lazy?
Hey wald... Its not true, its your opinion, but hey thats great...but all the same its only your opinion 
Our we Lazy?
1markr had a great point, too many people here dont have fun with music anymore, its a constant battle with the "Ghost in the machine"...trying to achieve audio nirvana and get so caught up in thinking it can be can be better, that I w... 
Sub usefulness in constrained placement situation
Not that it will cure your problem , bought I had room and wife issues so I bought an HSU Research 12V sub and it is round in shape, so bam I had an end table and a sub all in one! 
Sometimes the diffrence between DVI and Componet video is so small you cant even notice it, so try using comp video for one of the sources, chances are you wont see a diffrence, and if you do, it will be too slight to care. 
Advice on choosing speakers
Look at the Legacy speakers, my father has a pair of focus 20/20 in a large room and the sound amazing!...great bass and sweet treble from ribbon tweeters....these would be great speakers for vocals and accoustic, and really supply that punch for ... 
Any Time/Warner digital boxes output PCM?
Could you hook up both coax and optical, and assign one for say movies and use another input on processor/reciever for your digital into your DAC for music, I think that might work. 
Volume on AVM20
My Rotel does the same thing, I never worried about it though, and when you said you dont listen to what is considered too loud you dont need to worry about clipping