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Magnum Dynalab MD-209/309...
The positibe feedback (issue 44) have more info on the 209.. I only auditioned the 208 on a local shop. 
Special birthday audio gift to yourself?
I give myself presents 3 times a year :-) Last time i bought a set of B&w 800 diamond. 
Best Live Album Ever...
Sinatra at the sands. 
Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?
Yes, cables make a difference. By a little. 
Looking for a DAC for the Squeezebox Touch
The Da-160 is a solid choice. Currently working on my home setup. 
Best USB cable +/- $500
The Synergistic Research Tesla Tricon USB is pretty good. 
Opinions Needed on which amp?
Why not contact Dan Wright? he will be able to help. 
Preamp Suggestions for Monarchy SE-160 amps???
The B&K Pro 10 works real good with your monoblocks, but its hard to find one. 
Is Mach2Music out of business?
You have to pay for the customer service? This is taken from their site:We are happy to answer brief questions by email. However, to keep the cost of a Mach2 server low, and to allow people to pay only for what they use, we ask that you purchase a... 
Youtube Music Videos.
Add LastFm and grooveshark to the list. 
Windows Media Player
Foobar is indeed a great music player. You can try the Kmplayer as well. Have you tried some eq tweaks or different positions? placement is very important. 
Congrats!! where you get it modded? have some pics? 
Which DAC is better?
Can comment only on the qb-9. Its a really good dac on its price range, very musical. If you want to spend maybe less, the DA-160 is a nice option. 
Listing of Opamps for EE Minimax DAC Plus
Is there a difference between the Dexa opamps and the burson's? if much? 
Amp for Swans M1S
Do a quick search of the LSA Standard hybrid amp. It is able to power them.