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The CD Player Lie?
I am curious as to what music you were using for your comparisions. 
Removing fine scratch marks from VPI plinth
Keep in mind, I highly doubt you can remove any but the absoulute lightest and finest marks by hand. Removing scratches requires removing material from the surface of the plinth and that isn't happening by hand. At least not with any amount of pre... 
Removing fine scratch marks from VPI plinth
High-end auto detailing sites like carry pretty much all the stuff you need. They also have nice stuff for your car. 
Removing fine scratch marks from VPI plinth
You're all forgetting the cloth used can cause as much damage as you're trying to remove. Quality microfiber is the best, followed by 100% cotton. Probably better to use the cotton with the plastic polish, as it is more agressive and then remove i... 
Whats the most you paid?
$95 for a mono test pressing of Whiter Shade of Pale. It's a cool song. 
Sony XA5400ES vs XA9000ES
For straight SACD, I could not fault the 9000 at all. If you like the 9000, I would have no hesitation in buying a 5400 unheard, but the 9000 does have excellent SACD playback. Don't get the impression that the redbook is bad. It's probably better... 
vinyl cleaning with wood
Years ago, there was a product made by Empire that you smeared all over the record and peeled off. Sort of like rubber cement. I never had much luck with it, as it invariably left little pieces here and there you had to try to get off with Scotch ... 
Sony XA5400ES vs XA9000ES
The redbook performance of the 5400 is much better than the 9000. When playing a hybrid SACD on the 9000, it was very obvious when switching to the CD layer. With the 5400, the switch is much more subtle - the soundstage becomes slightly smaller, ... 
I want a warmer high end
Listen to CDs that are not bright. I have about five of them. There aren't many out there. 
Oppo Blu-Ray burn in experience
I think it's easy to forget that we have our systems "dialed in" for the existing source component. We've adjusted speaker placement, footers, interconnects and other cables for Brand X CD player and it's little wonder that when we substitute Bran... 
Harbeth P3ESR+Linn Sub or Bigger Harbeth Speakers
IMO, you really can't predict how a speaker will sound in the untreated domestic environment. There are so many acoustical minefields that you just have to try different speakers until you find one that compliments your room and taste. In my clutt... 
Stockfish LPs ??
What I find interesting is that they can achieve this level of fidelity at plain old 33.3, without the need for four single-sided discs. Opus 3 does a great job with this as well. BTW, the B&W Demo record consists of various Stockfish cuts. 
SONY XA5400ES - Preliminary Observations
The XA9000ES was the "previous incarnation" of the 5400, not the 9100 which is a DVD player. In any case, the 5400 manual states that, when the front panel HDMI light is on, sound will come from the HDMI output, when the light is off, sound comes ... 
Paradigm Studio 60 v5 somewhat boomy
As I recall, your Onkyo has tone controls, right? Turn down the bass a notch and perhaps turn up the treble a notch as well. I would try to move them further out into the room, but I realize that optimum placement is not always possible. That Onky... 
Sony XA5400ES DAC Chip
Maybe because they're selling the product for $400 under sticker, they don't have time to sit around listening to everyone's bullshit. That's what you pay the extra $400 for to a full-price dealer.