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Opinions on Full-Range/single driver speakers
Listiac - IMO, it may not be as much about the speaker as the system/room it is place in and the taste of the listener. Just today, a friend of mine was selling a certain speaker because they were too bass-heavy and muddy for his room and system. ... 
CDs with heavy, fast bass and/or long drum solos
Eryika Badu, Baduism, has deep synth bass and bass drum. I like the music too. That's nice for a change, isn't it? 
My Esoteric P-05 '' eat '' my new Beatles disc
Boy, that sucks. What a PITA. 
Integrated amp suggestions for Spendor S5e
Third any of the Naim amps, but you should seriously consider the Bada 222. It is incredibly good. There's one up for sale now for about $350 or so. 
Isolation footers for Rotel RCD-1072
I think it's impossible to generalize about the effect of any isolation device, since the result is dependent on what it's sitting on to begin with and the particular vibration it's affected by in your environment. Not to mention personal taste. I... 
Problem with Marantz SA-8260
I wish somebody would invent something that would allow people to separate one sentence from the next. I'll work on that after I invent something to get the water off my windshield when it rains. I'm getting close on that one. 
Need cartridge recommendations for Rega P25
I like the Goldring Eroica MC. Not too expensive and I think it's a good match for the Rega arms. 
Trying to sharpen the vocals...EQ related question
It's funny - I was checking out needledoctor and, if you click on the technics tables, they also recommend the Denon 103 for it, among others. 
Trying to sharpen the vocals...EQ related question
I don't think you necessarily need a Denon, but, as I recall, the Sonus was a very high-compliance cart, which was not a good match for that type of arm. Nowdays there's a million nice high output MCs like the Sumiko Blue Point. Denon 103s are sti... 
Trying to sharpen the vocals...EQ related question
Boy, I haven't heard a Sonus cart in years, but I happen to remember trying one in my Technics SP1200 back in the 80's and it was horrible. No life. As I recall, I really liked the Denon 103D in that arm. Change that cartridge, IMO. 
Totem - Forest vs. Hawk
This is the third thread you've posted on the same topic within 2 weeks. What information are you expecting to gather? Sooner or later you're just going to have to listen and make a decision. 
Removing plastic phase plug from tweeters?
They also advise you to listen by sitting on the floor five feet away from the speakers. Pierre Sprey has some unique ideas about audio. 
Which Totem Speaker - 12'x14' room
I prefer the Hawks to the Forest, as they seem to have a bit more realistic midrange. But the Forests are still very good in that regard and have more bass weight, which matters if you like hip-hop and such. 
Carts option for Rega P5 + RB700 arm
Try the Goldring Eroica MC. I believe it's height is similar to the Rega carts, so you shouldn't have to fool around with shims under the arm. 
Can You Live With Crackling & Popping Noise?
Clicks and pops are usually due to damaged or poorly-pressed vinyl, but it may also be due to static. I have seen static so bad that it renders the record unplayable. You might consider trying Gruv-Glide, which claims to clean and definitely remov...