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What happens when the stylus tip wears out on a $12,000 cartridge?
@scott22 - good question. I don’t think there is anyone who would not prefer a factory-rebuilt cartridge to a retip, but as stated above, it’s not always possible, as the maker is  no longer around, as in the case of Transfiguration.  All I can sa... 
Safe to use an old Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso B?
Send it to VAS for a checkup. Steve is great and can give you an honest, informed decision in short order, assuming he can work on it.   
Does anyone know where to get a Rega P8/P10-style dustcover?
Why don’t you check out Stereo Squares who always advertises here?  He did a nice custom cover for me to fit between a double wall shelf. The first picture in his ad shows my black Basis table with the cover. He does very nice work.   
Cartridge wear with clicks and pops…?
It’s actually sort of an interesting question. All I can say is for myself, I never worried about anything short of a damaged groove or extremely loud pop. Your speakers will let you know in short order if it’s something that could damage the styl... 
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
I recommend Belden 12 gauge from Blue Jeans with locking bananas. If you’re using 6 feet now, order 8 feet to get a little positioning flexibility. Later on you can fool around with more expensive cables.   
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
What do you mean “the ones I’ve seen?”  How long do you need?  Personally, I would just start with Belden 12 from Blue Jeans cables and listen for a few months until everything breaks in. Then you can try something else to see if you like it bette... 
50 ways to leave your lover
50 ways gets all the press among drummers, but Steve was doing this stuff way before. Check out Jim Croce’s “workin at the car wash blues”. Great track by Steve, also with a marching band style. And I just have to add- all these You Tube drum cove... 
Contacting Focal Naim America
Try the Naim Forum.   
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
Rock with an 845 tube amp?  Klipschorns. Maybe Tekton.   
Lack of Lamm customer service?
@theclipper - I find it hard to believe they won’t give you a diagnostic fee or an hourly rate. I don’t think  any tech can give you a repair estimate without having the unit on the bench.  
Good measuring DACs vs.
I think that one premise that a lot of people seem to accept is that distortion always sounds bad. Any change from the input signal is distortion. So all the things that studios do to make recorded instruments sound “better” are distorting the sig... 
Transport--Used PS Audio PerfectWave or New Teac VRDS 701T????
I would not buy a PS Audio or any used transport unless there are replacement transports available. I know PSA used to use an OPPO drive which is no longer made. If they are, I would ask PSA if they will sell you one as a spare.   
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges
I have been using 2 transfiguration MCs, but I just installed an Audio Note IQ3 and it sounds excellent. Some say it is a Goldring 1042, but it does have a different cantilever and diamond. I would say it’s worth looking into. I had a Goldring 101... 
When you can't unhear !
Then you better not demo the D-3.   
Recommendation for speaker cable to use with Magico speakers
Personally, I would ask your Magico dealer to recommend something more modestly priced to start, with a trade in option on the Reference if you decide to upgrade later. Once you get everything broken in, you can audition the reference and see if i...