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Downside to R2R Ladder DACs?
You all are a great resource — thank you so much! 
Downside to R2R Ladder DACs?
Thank you all for your responses. ITT is reassuring to hear that many of you have had good results with your ladder DACs, but those who compare this situation with normal circuit aging issues are missing the point. The reason why resistor degradat... 
Want to setup basic home audio system
  If you go for the used market you are limited to the reviews of opinions from many but are not able to actually audition how they sound for yourself. That's where going to an audio dealer that may have the components you have interest in and ... 
$5k Pair Full Range Speaker Shootout - Help me pick
I would add Usher MD2’s to the list.  
Popular new/used SS stereo power amps under $2500?
Be wary of anyone who says: “don’t worry, this amp doesn’t need an inspection.”  If he won’t let you get one, ask if you can have a 7 day grace period (and get your inspection during that period). If he won’t do either, walk away!  Good luck.  
Audio stores in or South of San Francisco?
Great suggestions -- thanks! 
Amp Pairing for Aerial Acoustics 6Ts.
The Gato 150 may be what you need, but at 3995 Euros, it's considerably more expensive than the Parasound Halo HInt 6 ($2995). Was your objection to the Parasound based on cost or looks? 
What do/did you do for a living?
I do systems engineering for deep space missions. I won’t be getting those $100,000 speakers without a lucky lottery ticket. Fortunately, there are a lot of good speakers available for under $5000, especially if you’re willing to buy used! 
Threshold, Levinson, Bryston, Krell, ?others? used amps
+1 on McCormack amps; you may be able to find a DNA-1 with a recent gold-upgrade in your budget.  I had mine upgraded 6 mos ago and virtually EVERYTHING but the chassis was replaced with new and often upgraded parts and boards.  It is essentially ... 
Advice/Warnings for a newbie
Have you considered a pair of subs, or a DBA? 
Big source improvement using CD player
Would someone please explain the references to "spinning silver"?  From the posts it sounds like people are distinguishing DVD discs from CD's by their silver color, but I've seen CD's with a silver surface, too.  Are the posts trying to say that ... 
Instead of buying one expensive sub, You might want to consider a DBA swarm.  AudioKinesis has a well-regarded all-in-one "kit" for $3200, or you can DIY from separates.   http://www.audiokinesis.com/the-swarm-subwoofer-system-1.html 
Strange Rivers
I thought that voice sounded familiar — Linda Ronstadt on backups! Thanks for the tip.  
What kind of listener are you?
@fusian   An interesting read -- thanks for passing it on.  Having read it, I now feel like a much poorer listener than before, which is quite an accomplishment.  I guess that's why Copland was considered a genius!  As they say, the more I know, t... 
How many people here generally buy used?
Mostly used — here’s my setup:Speakers - used (Usher)Power amp: used, then factory refurbished (McCormack)Pre: new, but not high-end (Parasound)DAC: used (Benchmark)TT: used (Technics)Cart: new (Nagaoka)Streamer: refurbished (Bluesound)CD Player: ...