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synergistic research orange blue fuse direction.
OK, I’ve been waiting for someone else to ask the obvious “dumb” question, but since none of you are volunteering, here goes: if it’s an AC signal, why does the directionality matter? 
Watts and power
In a way, I like @millercarbon's answer, despite leaving me with the feeling that there really are no good answers.  So far, that squares with my experience; any time I think I see a correlation between any particular amp parameter and the quality... 
Has anyone heard a DNA-1 with the Gravity Base upgrade?
From the absence of replies, it looks like you're not the only one.  C'mon, Goners, nobody's heard one of these yet?  Crickets... 
Has anyone heard a DNA-1 with the Gravity Base upgrade?
@br3098 thanks for your response; I didn't realize I was unclear.  I was referring to McCormack Audio's Gravity Base System upgrade, which involves taking apart the amp and integrating the electronics with a brass base in a specific way.  I had ne... 
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
@millercarbon -- thanks, as usual, for your clear and useful advice; just wish I had read it before buying AZ Tsunami's! 
Please Make Audiogon Cool
Sorry Erik, until we can get people to stop sniping at each other on this forum, I'm afraid 'cool' is a lost cause.  I'm not holding my breath. 
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
@erik_squires Good point on the importance of the DAC; which do you use in your system? 
A21 vs McCormack?
Everyone -- thanks for your responses; it's a big help in deciding how to move forward.@labtec: thanks for your detailed message and suggestions.  I'm having some trouble with my DNA-1 now, so I don't want to put this off any more; the issue was w... 
A21 vs McCormack?
Thanks for your responses — Bob, the rest of my system is:Usher Mini Dancer 2’sDNA-1 Parasound 2100 preampBenchmark 1 DACBluenote VaultCambridge CXUTechnics SL-D2 (rarely used)I was planning to upgrade the DNA-1, but the recent cost drop of A-21’s... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Egglestonworks Emmas; I heard them last month at T.H.E. show, where they were selling for $5500.  Best speakers I heard under $10K.  
Where do I start!?!
I wouldn't sell it, if for no reason other than family harmony.  And you owe your FIL one BIG Christmas gift this year!!! Enjoy what you have, and invite your friends over. ;-)  
Help choosing speakers
If you like the Egglestons but can't afford the Pearls, you should try to find a demo of the Emma's -- they were offered for $5500 at the show in Long Beach, and were the best speakers anywhere near that price range.  
Upgrade McCormack or...
Great responses -- I had no idea there were so many McCormack fans on Agon!   @soix Thanks for your suggestion to check out the Clayton Audio M70 monos -- they do look like an interesting replacement, although I have to wonder why the owner is sel... 
Any Love For Bryston Here?
I don't own any Bryston gear (yet), but was recently at T.H.E. Show in Long Beach, and my favorite room in the "moderately affordable" sector showcased a pair of Eggleston Emma's ($5500) with all Bryston electronics.  It sounded so good, I'm now w... 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
You should be able to find a used Quicksilver Full Function tube pre in that price range; nice unit.