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great 70s country lps...audophile grade
Hank Snow 
Review: Tube Research TRL Dude Tube preamp
i think Carey1110 should mail charles his spare dude so he can do a comparison 
matching cartridge and speakers
remember kazoo from the flinstones...DUM DUM 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Full metal jacket 
Great films where music is a central theme.
The cotton club -great album....crazy-hank garland story.Ray...american grafitti-another great album...especially the song the stroll WOW... 
Certified Guitar Player
thanks for the kind words.i practise 8 hours a day. 
Best surprisingly good value component
Lenco 75 in new plinth and also the allnic h1200 phono preamp 
Help me pick a phono preamp
allnic h1200 on sale for 999.00 
40 songs on 2 records?
i just played a record with 25 songs 
Are my ears just fooling me?
sorry my youtube link did not work....type in open baffle speaker in youtube and have a listen.. 
Are my ears just fooling me? 
Are my ears just fooling me? 
Canada Rocks: 70s lost lps pt 2...
neil young 
This is no joke.
flashbacks from the acid in the 60,s 
Autographed Albums
stringing along with Chet Atkins .. i have a hand made larivee guitar autographed from chet..