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Am I Getting Soft Here?
This sentence from MC stood out: “Some weeks later we have them over. Listening room door, eyes bug out.” It can be argued that upgrading equipment isn’t always for pure SQ improvement. His eyes bugged out not his ears. There’s a reason equipmen... 
Best sounding CD player
I find streaming a less satisfying experience. It’s become a screening session for music I’d like to own and less about simply enjoying the session. It also keeps a device in my hands inviting distraction.    Drop a CD in the deck or a record on ... 
Save some money and find a nice old pair of Castle Acoustics Richmonds and pair them with a small REL sub. Trust me on this.   
Sansui AU-717
I’m convinced. The challenge now is finding the “right” guy to do the work. I called Audiolab in Atlanta and was told “a few months” before he could look at it. This after several reviews referencing exceedingly long lead times (up to a year in so... 
Sansui AU-717
I found a shop in Atlanta called AudioLab. Will give them a ring and see what they suggest. If anyone knows these guys (or other) would welcome feedback.   
Sansui AU-717
Thanks JB…I think I’ll take your advice and leave it alone. I’d hate to mess with it unnecessarily considering its current condition.  
Looking for Advice on Focal Speakers
I bought a pair of used Aria 936’s and run them with a PrimaLuna HP integrated and am consistently thrilled with their SQ. The PL has no issue with impedance load in Ultralinear (70w) or triode (40w as I recall). If they are within your budget I ... 
What is the “World’s Best Cartridge”?
Anyone remember Justin Wilson?  He was an old Cajun that had an entertaining cooking show on TV some years ago.    After preparing an elaborate Cajun dish, he was asked…”Justin, what kind of wine would you recommend with that?”     His infamous ... 
What’s Voodoo power cords signature sounding?
@curiousjim You delineate by price? Really? So if I price a $10 cable at $4000 it will perform better? And, considering the power cord is not even in the signal path makes the assertion even more impressive   Im in the wrong business!  
Power Cables - Stock vs. Budget
Is your home wired with $2/foot romex?  Don’t mean to be a killjoy, but why is the piece of wire carrying the current the last 6 feet expected to somehow improve upon what it was fed from the street? Perhaps you have a really nice high end power c... 
Why not?
As a life long skeptic…manufacturers carefully select components and wiring to optimize the performance of their devices…and advertise as such. Considering the margins involved and just how competitive their markets are, if they felt their device ... 
Looking for something to play?
A bit different but if you want to hear what your system can do resolving low frequencies play Flight of the Cosmic Hippo by Bela Fleck. It will put a smile on your face.   
Something on top of a speaker=okay?
Hey…at least he’s not suggesting we tape AAA batteries to our cables!  
Help me spend $6000
Focal Aria 936. 92db sensitivity, $6k/pair brand new and should likely deliver the sound quality you seek. Only you can determine that part. Good luck with your search.   
New High End Audio Dealer in Midwest
Best of luck to you. In this age of video games and multi channel HT, your path is welcomed. I wish there were more. I live in a major city (Atlanta) with very few dealers and none that don’t require a 40+ mile slog through horrific Atlanta traffi...