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High End Audio-Gaining Higher Ground?
Sad to say that the Magnolias in my city probably offer the best customer service. The sales staff may not be the most knowledgeable bunch but they are leaps and bounds more personable than the stiffs that work in the local HiFi shops.That is part... 
High End Audio-Gaining Higher Ground?
Enitely too much snobbery in it's current state. I would assume most if it will die off and then encounter a renasance at some point in the future. 
Is it just me or do others really miss A/D/S?
Huge ADS fan! I have owned many pairs and still have about three or four including a mint pair of 1530's. Johnnyn53 when did the life style models come out? Are you referring to the M series as well as the Cm's and the Sat stuff? I ask because I h... 
MOG to shut down, replaced by Beats Music
I just moved to spotify and I have to say compared to mog I am sorely disappointed. I keep getting errors and have to constantly restart my computer to get it to work. I quick google search turns up many others with similar problems. 
Jolida, Glass FX Tube DAC III vs Fusion DAC Pre
Received the Jolida about a week ago. So far my impressions are that it is a fantastic piece for the money. I am only using the USB input via a laptop with a class d amp. The sound is detailed yet laid back due to my speakers which are known to be... 
Warm airy musical speakers?
Ctsooner why do you keep schilling your speakers on every thread you post on? Buy an ad if you want to sell them. 
Good speakers with small woofers = 10 cm/4"
Audience "the ones" would fit the bill butout of your price range. Perhaps you should consider a headphone rig. 
It's official, there's nothing weirder than... went to see journey....did you honestly go there with any kind of expectations? That's like knocking the karate kid part 3 for not being as good as the original 
Not impressed
Go vintage....I have spent a ton of money climbing the HiFi ladder but at the end of the day I have always preferred my vintage system. Sure it has its shortcomings but you won't be out a ton of money chasing the dragon . 
$500-$1000 budget lots of questions please advise
Why not look on the classifieds right here? In your price range there are a few nice pairs of bookshelf speakers from Quad, Green Mountain and Proac. Pair them with one of the +/- $600 integrateds on here like Rega, Music Hall and Jungson. With a ... 
Jolida, Glass FX Tube DAC III vs Fusion DAC Pre
I'm using soundfield audio monitor 1. They have the same kef uni-q driver as the q100 which is passive augmented with an 8" tangbang sub and a 300 watt class d amp. I am using a class d audio SDS 470 which is also 300 watts. I also have a pair of ... 
Apple to Acquire Beats Audio
This will surely be the end of Beats for Sonos. It appears as if Apple is moving towards streaming which marks the end of music downloads save for High-Res. 
Care to recommend a preamp?
Tube Audio Design 150 Sig well below your budget but you would never know it. 
Yet Another Budget Integrated Amp Question
The Brio is the likely candidate however I stumbled upon a YBA Heritage A100 that looks really interesting but it's just a hair out of my budget. 
best-ish integrated amp for movie and tv watching.
Any thoughts on the YBA Heritage series?