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Acoustic Reality Amp Blown...HELP PLEASE
Contact Bob Gross at Speaker art he owns them and has given me some great information. He may know where to send them. Hope this helps. 
Class D or Hybrid Amp for Fritz Rev 7 speakers
I am using a class d amp with a tube pre and it is by far the best combination I have owned so far. Previous amps from Marsh, Odyssey, Adcom, B&K, Qucksilver, and a few others were easily bested by the class d amp. My speakers are Speaker Art ... 
Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used
Springbok I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the fusion as I have been looking for a good tube pre with remote as well. 
Preamp suggestion for Class d Audio sds 470c
Tad 150 and conrad premier 16 are on my short list. Thanks for the response. 
Amp suggestion for Speaker Art Clef $1000 Budget
Thanks for the response. I have talked to Bob numerous times since I originaly posted and have tried various amps from Oydessy, Marsh, Aragon and Quicksilver. I found the B&K 507 was one of the better amps on these great speakers and I just pi...